Driving Forces Chapter 20 Teaser

Edward is currently working on a paper for class while I’m reading through a case file. I feel his gaze on me more than his computer. He’s become insatiable in the bedroom. Almost every inch of our home has been christened. Edward has become more confident, and I love every minute of it.

“Edward, we have an early day tomorrow,” I warn from behind my files.

He chuckles, and I hear him set his laptop aside and feel his hands on my legs. They run up and down, going higher and higher with each pass.

“Edward,” I moan, trying to give him a stern glare.

His lopsided grin is too cute. “I actually want to talk to you about something.” Edward gently takes the file out of my hand, and I can’t help but smirk as he maneuvers himself over me, gaining all my attention.

“What would that be?” I murmur as he leans in and pecks my lips.

“I was wondering your thoughts on name changes.” He slips one hand between my legs.

My eyes flutter closed as his hand comes closer to where I need it. “Mm, what about it?”


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