Eala Chapter 16 Teaser

I watch from the back, debating my next move, but then Alice decides it for me. I watch her look around like she’s waiting for something, and that’s when I see a car pull up.

“Follow her,” I demand.

“Yep.” Seth sounds upset at what he’s seeing, as am I.

He’s amazing at tailing them. We arrive at a dingy neighborhood with very dodgy people walking around. Alice gets out and walks to an alleyway.

“I need to see who she’s meeting, spot me.” I quickly get out and merge with the darkness and find my way to the alley where Alice is standing.


  1. I knew Alice was involved somehow!

  2. I've been itching to know what Alice's role is in all of this. I wonder who that is following her, Bella or Edward? My guess is Bella.


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