Eala Chapter 16

Chapter 16 BPOV
I stare out the two-way glass in Edward’s office. All those people dancing without a care in the world, while in here Edward is cussing and throwing things against the wall.
Aro knows who I am, and he wants me. He wants to know what I know. I hug myself tightly.

Leanbh, he won’t touch you,” Edward vows as he stands behind me, pressing his chest to my back.
I lean back just a little and let his statement roll around in my mind. My father died to keep me a secret, and he trained me to protect myself. “I am not afraid of him. I’m upset that my dad died in vain to keep me hidden from him, that I didn’t get to rub it in his face as I killed him.” I don’t mean to sound like a bratty child, but really there are only a few things in life I want. And recently, one of those is taunting the bastard who killed my dad.
Edward turns me to face him, his eyes on fire. “Aro is a sick fuck, Bella, you have to promise me that you won’t let your guard down.”
I cup his face. “I won’t, Edward,” I …

Eala Chapter 16 Teaser

I watch from the back, debating my next move, but then Alice decides it for me. I watch her look around like she’s waiting for something, and that’s when I see a car pull up.
“Follow her,” I demand.
“Yep.” Seth sounds upset at what he’s seeing, as am I.
He’s amazing at tailing them. We arrive at a dingy neighborhood with very dodgy people walking around. Alice gets out and walks to an alleyway.

“I need to see who she’s meeting, spot me.” I quickly get out and merge with the darkness and find my way to the alley where Alice is standing.

Eala Chapter 15

Chapter 15
EPOV I watch my leanbh sleeping peacefully. It took a lot of negotiations and sex to make my woman happy after basically forcing her to come back to my apartment. I get out of bed and walk out onto the balcony, lighting a cigarette and watching the smoke dissipate in the air.
Life is hectic with everything going on with the mole and the fact that I’ve slowly been taking over almost every aspect of the family. I will be officially taking over after the wedding, but the real reason I’m taking everything on right now is because we’re trying to figure out who in our family is a francach.
I toss my cigarette and pull at my hair. I need to ask Bella to move in with me; we’re going to be married, so it’s logical that we live together. I walk back in the bedroom, and seeing that she’s still sound asleep, I lean against the door frame and watch her. My mind is calm now, but when we were watching the video her da left for her, I was a mess inside. I couldn’t let her see me freaking out…

Eala Chapter 15 teaser

“It’s creepy how you’re watching me.” Bella’s throaty complaint brings me to the present.
I let a low chuckle escape. “I was just thinking.”
She hums, turning on her side and leaning on her elbow, raising her eyebrow as she waits for me to explain.
I push off the door and climb into bed with her. “When do you want to get married?”
She blows out some air. “Spring. May?”
I nod my head, liking the idea a lot. I’m sure we can put together a wedding in time.
“Well, we better get to planning, we only have seven months.” I start nipping at her skin.
She pushes me away. “Don’t think so, mister. We need to have a serious conversation. You already distracted me with sex last night.”

Eala Chapter 14

Chapter 14 BPOV I rub my temples at Alice's incessant ranting at the poor sales lady for not having something in her size. The day has been an interesting one. I learned a lot about the Cullen women and how they came into the family. Esme and Carlisle met when he was eating lunch at a diner she worked at while she was attending college for a business degree. He kept coming back to learn more about her. He lavished her with gifts, which she hated at first. Esme didn't find out about Edward and Carlisle's first wife until after she was already pregnant. She really didn't talk much more about what happened during that time, just that she forgave him and raised Edward as if he was one of her own. He needed a lot of love. Rose and Emmett met when she was eighteen. They had the same freshman courses in college. I guess you can say the rest is history. Alice, on the other hand, wasn't forthcoming with her story but was all about wanting mine. "Alice, we have other places t…