Driving Forces Chapter 9

Chapter 9 EPOV

Eleazar is sitting across from me with his feet up on the coffee table, his shoes off. His glasses are on the top of his head while he munches on some Cheez-its. This is what I love of about visiting him; how laid back it is here. He keeps the environment friendly and home-like.

“How was your appointment for Emma’s school?”

After blowing out some air, I answer him. “It started out rough. The first lady was really rude to me, but Bella stepped in and basically told her that we wanted someone else, or she was going to take Cullen Enterprise’s business elsewhere. And after we got the new lady it was awesome. Emma was in love with all the different programs, and that her friends are going to be there.”

He smiles, writing something down. “I’m glad it worked out. How did it feel having Bella step in like that for you?”

The moment flashes through my mind. “Relief.”

He stays quiet, giving me a chance to explain my feelings.

“I’ve never had anyone...” I pause, letting out a frustrated s…

Driving Forces Chapter 8

Chapter 8 BPOV

My screen saver is a picture of Emma and me wearing plastic crowns, big smiles on our faces. It was taken last night while Edward was at his meeting. I haven’t gotten up the nerve to ask him what exactly his Thursday night meetings are for. Deep down, I have an idea what they’re about and how he met Alistair, but I don’t want to push. We’re at a comfortable spot where I can enter his space without his body trembling, and he can hold a conversation with me without having to be a good three to six feet away.

How close we’re growing has become the talk among my loving siblings. Jasper is the latest with his phone call to brag about the contract Edward wrote for him.

“When are you guys going to announce that you’re dating?” His annoying fake southern accent comes out as he pries.

“A, you are not from the south; B, we’re just friends, for the millionth fucking time.” I’m beyond exasperated over this same conversation I’ve had with every member of the family.

He chuckles, forcing m…