Driving Forces Chapter 3

Chapter 3 EPOV
For an entire month I’ve been assistant to Ms. Cullen, and it's incredible; the best job I have ever held. The family environment is more than entertaining. I learned the headache from my first day is Emmett Cullen, brother number one. He oversees the entertainment department of Cullen Enterprises. Brother number two is Jasper Cullen. He is vice president of the advertising and arts department. Brother three is a step brother, but a brother all the same, Seth Cullen. His department is the financial section.

And each of them fears Bella. I don’t think she is the oldest, but she is the one that they listen to.

I gather up the paperwork from a contract deal that needs one final look-over and knock on her door frame. If there is one thing that I know about Bella, she is dedicated. And children seem to melt the icy look she holds every day. I still shy away from almost every woman that works here. Even with Bella I tend to keep a good distance. I wonder sometimes if she n…

Driving Forces Ch3 Teaser

Anxiety builds so quickly that sweat pours out of me. “I don’t know, Emmett…” I try to hurry up with some form of an excuse. “I don’t have a sitter for Emma.”

Emmett stands up. “Bells, can you add the lovely Emma to the hoard of kids tonight so this overworked gentleman can come out with us fun folk.” His voice is easily loud enough for her to hear.

The heels clicking on the floor seem to echo in my mind as my heart pumps in my ears.

“I would love to have Emma-bear with all the kids.” I look up at hearing the light-hearted voice Ms. Cullen uses when she talks about children.

I swallow hard, knowing I need to call Alistair to talk me into this. He has been telling me I need to go out with adults and socialize again. Turning to Ms. Cullen, I ask, “Are you sure, I don’t want you to feel overwhelmed.”

Her smile is radiant. “I’m positive. Go have fun, you deserve it. Emma will be in very safe hands.”

Biting my lip, I see no real way out if it. “Alright, I guess I’ll be there.”

Emmett fist…

Family of Conviction, A Teaser

This is a rough draft, not been edited to its fullest but I thought you would all enjoy it :)
I watch him sleep with a small smile on his lips. After all these years he has only gotten more handsome.

Dusting of grey hairs along his ears, laugh lines along his mouth and eyes.
“Its creep how you watch me sleep” his voice thick with sleep as he pops one eye open. I chuckle, “Sorry, you just look so peaceful”
He snorts as he throws the blankets off and reveals his almost naked form.
I remind myself we have too much to do today for me to start our morning off in the shower and making us late.
Chuckling echoes in the bathroom as I blush because my mind was in the gutter while he was already heading for his shower.
Reciting how much we need to do I still walk in to the bathroom stripping.
His eyes light up and his smirk fully visible when I step into the shower.
“I thought we had too much to do love” his hands go the curve of my ass.
Smirking wrapping my arms around his neck. “About that, I thin…

Driving Forces Chapter 2

Chapter 2 EPOV
As the water washes over me, I recall the events of the day.
“I want to offer you the position, and would like you to start immediately. Would tomorrow be too soon for you?”
My heart pounds in my ears. I got the job.
The first thing I’d done this morning was pick out my best clothes. I helped Emma get ready to go to a neighbor’s apartment to stay while I went to the interview, but she didn’t answer her door.
By the time I got to Cullen Enterprises my nerves were shot.
“I want to offer you the position, and would like you to start immediately. Would tomorrow be too soon for you?”
I begin laughing, trying not cry. Against all odds, even the anxiety that made me sweat and shake, the doppelganger, and the fact that I had to bring my princess with me, I got the job. Not just any job either, a dream job, one that is going to allow me to keep my daughter no matter what.
Ignoring the bumps and dips from the many scars on my body, I finish up my shower.
“You are so fucking stupid,” the vo…

Driving Forces Ch 2 Teaser

I rub my face roughly, deciding I should go to bed and get some sleep, but it isn’t long before my princess is crying out for me. She’s in bed with me before I can even open my eyes fully. Running my hand through her hair, I soothe her to the best of my ability.

“Do you want to talk about it, princess?”

Sniffling, she shakes her head no. I kiss the top of her head, snuggling her closer.

“Remember, Miss Carmen says it helps if you talk about it.” I feel like a hypocrite, because I never speak of the nightmares that plague my every dream.

Driving Forces

Driving Forces
Bella Cullen was about to have everything she had worked toward until she lost the two most important things in her life. Vice president of the legal department in her family's business, she tries to bury her pain in work. All of that changes the day she meets a man that has obviously suffered from a serious trauma. Edward Swan is more than shy; he's scared of everything. Bella doesn't know what happened to the endearing man, but she vows to help him and his young daughter in any way she can, starting with hiring him as her personal assistant. Little does she know they'll soon become the driving force in her life. Chapter 1 BPOV

I rub my temples as I kick yet another potential assistant out the door.

I am the vice president of the legal department of Cullen Enterprises. I make up the entire legal department, so it’s not like I have a ton of subordinates, but that also means I do all the work. My dad is the CEO and founder. Along with me, my three brothers ar…