Eala Chapter 22

Chapter 22 BPOV

I feel lighter after telling Edward what happened to me in that hell hole. I sigh as I snuggle closer into Edward’s side. I feel safe, and for the first time, I feel okay. I feel the glimmer of hope.

Edward’s breathing has changed, signaling that he’s waking up. “Mmm, I like waking up to you snuggling like this.” He turns over, engulfing me in his arms and breathing in my hair. “Dea-mhaidin, grá.

I giggle; wow, I’m giggling. “Morning, dathúil.” I can feel how hard he is against my stomach, and without even thinking about it, I grind against him.

He hisses in my hair. “Gra, you are treading a dangerous line.”

Feeling good and normal for the moment, I take advantage and grind into him more. His hands go to my hips, gripping them tightly. I can’t help but moan loudly.

“Shit.” He flips me onto my back and hovers over me, his eyes sweeping up and down my body. They land on mine as he studies me.

Before any insecurities creep in, I lean up and kiss him, slowly slipping my tongue al…

Eala Chapter 21

Chapter 21

She was spectacular looking when she came out of our room tonight, wearing this silvery pink dress covered in gems with silver heels and her hair done in such a sexy way. Her hair is long enough to touch her ears now, and when she glares it makes her fucking edible.

I watch her more than I let her know. I don’t want to make her uncomfortable, and I know that's how she feels in her skin right now. When I kiss or touch a scar she tenses up and pulls away from me.

I smile when I think about the awe and respect people were showing her tonight. Talk has spread far and wide about how she survived two weeks of torture and then returned the favor to Aro.

She would be annoyed if she wasn't truly unaware of how many men wanted her and the women wanted to be her.

I sigh, looking down at her sleeping form. Her face is tense as she clutches her pillow, where I know she’s hiding a knife. I was hoping showing her our future home would relax her more, especially when she excitedly w…

Eala Chapter 20

Chapter 20 BPOV

I find myself staring out the bedroom window, thinking about the last few days. Edward came to our rescue with an army. I really wouldn’t expect anything less from him.

I manage to get to Aro first and hit him in the back of the head with my gun. I don’t want him to die that easily, and the look on Edward’s face tells me that was exactly what was going to happen. But I should have been more careful, more cautious when I heard the sound of gunfire. When Edward was busting in and all hell was breaking loose and guns were blazing, Carlisle and I ran towards the noise. That was my mistake. If I was doing what I had been raised to do I would have seen that we were in a warehouse by a river, not on a boat.

Leanbh,” Edward murmurs as he pulls me into his chest.

I pull away, still extremely sore from the wounds on my body. A couple of broken ribs, severe malnutrition, a broken nose and bruised eye sockets. That’s not including all the knife wounds that had to be stitched up along …