Driving Forces Chapter 19 Teaser

Bella walks into the room, collapsing next to me.
I pull her into me, kissing her lips. “Good or bad?”
She chuckles. “It could have been worse, but Sam and Jake now have a schedule they agree on, and they’ll reevaluate when she starts school.”
I know that Bella is ready to be done with Jake’s case.
Leah was already put away, and her rights to her unborn son are going to be terminated the moment he’s born. He’ll go to Sam the moment the cord is cut. She’s looking at life without parole because she stabbed a guard while she was in jail awaiting her trial, and he died.
All that was left was the visitation schedule between Sam and Jake.
“It's all done, then?” I kiss her again, realizing we’re alone. Emma is with Charlie and Carlisle.
She moans into my mouth. “Yes, it is.”
My heart races, but in a good way. I lean over her, forcing her to lay on her back as I hover over her, grinding lightly against her body. Bella’s hands move to my back, pulling me closer as we make out like teenagers. My hand slips under her shirt and trails along her skin. Her moans grow louder as my hand goes higher up her shirt.

“I love you so much,” I pant, trying to catch my breath, but I don't want to stop. My body freezes as my mind plays out what just happened. I don’t want to stop.


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