Driving Forces Chapter 8 Teaser

How close we’re growing has become the talk among my loving siblings. Jasper is the latest with his phone call to brag about the contract Edward wrote for him.

“When are you guys going to announce that you’re dating?” His annoying fake southern accent comes out as he pries.

“A, you are not from the south; B, we’re just friends, for the millionth fucking time.” I’m beyond exasperated over this same conversation I’ve had with every member of the family.

He chuckles, forcing my eyes to roll and my hand to roughly run through my hair. “You need to jump on that.”

I hang up on him, turning my chair so I can look out my door where Edward is sitting. He’s wearing a black button-up with his sleeves rolled up to his elbows, and tan Dickies. Edward is looking straight-up edible. I might not want a romantic relationship, but I can admire him.


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