Family of Conviction, A Teaser

This is a rough draft, not been edited to its fullest but I thought you would all enjoy it :)

I watch him sleep with a small smile on his lips. After all these years he has only gotten more handsome.

Dusting of grey hairs along his ears, laugh lines along his mouth and eyes.

“Its creep how you watch me sleep” his voice thick with sleep as he pops one eye open.
I chuckle, “Sorry, you just look so peaceful”

He snorts as he throws the blankets off and reveals his almost naked form.

I remind myself we have too much to do today for me to start our morning off in the shower and making us late.

Chuckling echoes in the bathroom as I blush because my mind was in the gutter while he was already heading for his shower.

Reciting how much we need to do I still walk in to the bathroom stripping.

His eyes light up and his smirk fully visible when I step into the shower.

“I thought we had too much to do love” his hands go the curve of my ass.

Smirking wrapping my arms around his neck. “About that, I think we are going to be too busy for the month so.” Pressing me lips to his hard invading his mouth with my tongue.

His growl vibrates his chest
I pull away just enough, “We better get some now”

“Couldn’t agree more”

Running down stair with shoes in my hand Lucian is already feeding the little ones. Damon smirks at my dishevel. I narrow my eyes at him daring him to say something, so I can ground him.
He doesn’t he goes back to his phone while Mike and Lucian hand out plates and drinks to their younger siblings.

“Thank you, boys!” appreciation seeping in my voice as I grab a cup of coffee.

Mike shrugs as he fills Maddi and Masen’s cups.

I look over our calendar marked with lots of colors for different things and who is driving who.

“Alright the flight comes in tomorrow at eight am for Sara and nine thirty for Julia.” I announce looking at the flight information that is on the scheduling board. 


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