Driving Forces Ch 5 Teaser

In the kitchen, Emma smiles at me. “I’m all set, Daddy.”

“Alright, princess, let’s get going, then.” I take her hand, grab my bag, and we walk out the door.

She talks the whole throughout the entire car ride. “I can’t wait to see Ollie, he’s going to show me his guitar, and Miss Rose said that we’re going to make tie-dyed shirts today.”

I love listening to her. She has grown so much since she started at the daycare and working with Carmen. I have hopes that what happened to us won’t scar her for life like it has me. When we get to the office Emma runs into the daycare, greeting her friends, and I head up to the office.

What greets me is silence, and my boss’s door firmly shut, which has never happened since I started almost two months ago. I take this as a sign I should use caution, so I quietly set my things down on my desk.


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