Driving Forces Ch 4 Teaser


I laugh at Felicity and Thea who are playing with pretend makeup and dress-up clothes pretending to be princesses. Ollie is playing on his tablet; he’s the oldest and stuck with almost all girls. Lilly and Lance are napping, and I put sweet little Laurel in her walker. She’s been staying near me, fascinated by me braiding shy Emma’s hair. Nothing is better than having all these kids here making this empty house full of laughter and love. Emma has been in awe of all the things I have here for kids.

“You should be a mom,” Emma states as I finish up her braid.

My fingers freeze and my heart stops before it speeds up. Closing my eyes, I shakily finish putting the hair band on the end of the braid when I hear Jasper’s frantic voice.

“Bella, you need to come into the kitchen, now!” Turning to his panicked voice, I see wide eyes and pure fright on his face.


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