Eala Teaser Chapter 19

“You listen to me. You are not dying here. I will drag you out of here if I have to.” Our eyes stay connected until Aro comes in with his favorite lacky, Alec.

“You look horrible, my dear niece.” Aro chuckles as his eyes sweep over me, up and down.

I can’t help but laugh.

Pensi che sia divertente, cagna?”
Aro sneers in my face.

Lo voglio,” I spit back at him.

Pure evil sets in his eyes, but I don’t look away. I will go out as my father did; not giving Aro a damn thing.

“I know Viktor is here; why?” He tries again to get me to answer a question.

I lift my chin. “I would rather die than give you anything.”

His eyes are black. “Dying is easy. I think what I have planned for you next will loosen your lips, and if not yours, then… ” He turns and looks at Carlisle.


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