Eala Chapter 19

Chapter 19
My toes rub against a cement floor as I hang from the ceiling. I don’t know how long I’ve been dangling here, but I know it’s been long enough for my toes to be raw.

Carlisle is hanging just a few feet in front of me.

Aro wants information. He wants to know how much the Russians know about his family's deceit.

They have cut me, electrocuted me, shaved my head, and burned me with a cattle prod. I hang here naked.

Carlisle has been through the same treatment. I keep my eyes on his face and I can see that he tries to do the same.

I will not break, and it’s throwing Aro into a fit. I think that my strength in not caving is giving Carlisle the same strength.

There was a moment of doubt, though, when they began to undress me. I was positive the way Carlisle was yelling that he was going to start talking to get them to leave me alone.

They haven’t touched me inappropriately or anything, just mostly humiliated me.

The night Aro took me, I fought like hell not to let them to take me, but when they got to Carlisle… for a fleeting moment I was going to let them kill him. I mean, why not, he was nothing to me. Edward’s face flashed before me, though. Even with their issues, I don’t think Edward would forgive me if I let Carlisle die when I could have saved him.

They give us just the minimum amount of water and food to keep us alive. I feel weak, so weak, but I know my opening is going to come soon. I’ve been watching Aro’s son, Caius. He cringes and can’t look at us when Aro and his goons are torturing us. I watch his face and I know he's going to help us. I just need him on his own, so I can convince him.

I pull myself up so my toes aren’t on the cement, giving them a small break.

“Bella, will you tell Edward I love him and that I am sorry?” Carlisle’s voice breaks.

I turn my eyes to him, lowering my body back to the ground. “What are you talking about?” I ask, confusion coloring my voice.

His eyes are empty as they peer at me. His face is sunken in from the lack of food. One of his eyes is bloodshot from the broken vessels. “I’m going to die here, Bella.”

His words strike me hard, and my heart feels like it's breaking. I think the man is dumb and too trusting, and at one point I wanted him dead, but right now? He needs to live. He will be coming home with me, so I can continue to give him shit. So he can see his grandchildren.

My children will have a grandfather.

“You listen to me. You are not dying here. I will drag you out of here if I have to.” Our eyes stay connected until Aro comes in with his favorite lacky, Alec.

“You look horrible, my dear niece.” Aro chuckles as his eyes sweep over me, up and down.

I can’t help but laugh.

Pensi che sia divertente, cagna?” Aro sneers in my face.

Lo voglio,” I spit back at him.

Pure evil sets in his eyes, but I don’t look away. I will go out as my father did; not giving Aro a damn thing.

“I know Viktor is here; why?” He tries again to get me to answer a question.

I lift my chin. “I would rather die than give you anything.”

His eyes are black. “Dying is easy. I think what I have planned for you next will loosen your lips, and if not yours, then… ” He turns and looks at Carlisle.

I hear the chains I'm attached to rattle, then I'm lifted before I begin to fall.  My body hits the ground hard, taking my breath with it.

Hands grab me hard and begin to drag me away along a hallway about seventeen feet away from where we were. I’m tossed back to the ground, and I look up to see who I’m with. My gut churns as I watch Alec stalk around me.

“I am going to leave you alone for a little while. Now you be a good girl and stay right here.” Alec’s voice is sickly sweet.

The door shuts and I quickly pull myself together and look at my surroundings. The room is maybe ten by ten with a metal bed. Panic builds inside me. I know what Alec has planned for me, and I can’t allow it. I stand up and walk over to the door, looking out and seeing an empty hallway. I pace around the room, trying not to panic.

will fight him!

I hear the door and I turn to it, preparing myself. But I’m shocked at who’s standing there.


He keeps his eyes closed. “I don’t know what to do to help you.”

I walk right up to him and he opens his eyes, looking dead in mine. “You get Edward and you bring him to me.”

He nods his head and leaves.

I know I can’t wait for him to get to Edward. I begin to formulate my own plan in my head so that when Edward comes, there won’t be much for him to do. I sit back on the ground behind the door so when Alec returns, he doesn’t see me right away and I can ambush him.

Time seems to stand still as I wait for him to return.

I touch my head, finding less than an inch of hair, but I try not to let it get to me. I’m sure Edward will not want me after he sees me like this. But I will be okay. I will be okay no matter what.

I can feel tears swelling in my eyes. I shake my head, trying to clear it of negative thoughts. I need to keep my head clear for when he comes back, and I need to attack.

I breath in and out, in and out. I can do this. I will be okay.

The door creaks open. “Bella, Bella, Bella,” Alec sings my name as he walks in. I see a gun in one hand and a knife in the other.

I lunge at him, throwing my shoulder into his side and knocking him over. I climb on top of him and slam my fisted hands into his face over and over until my arms can no longer move. His face is bloody and unrecognizable when I finally stop. I grab his knife and gun and peek my head out the door. I wait, but no one seems to be out there. I retrace my steps and find Carlisle still hanging in the room we shared.

I walk up to him and start to unhook the chains that hold him off the floor. “Time to go.”

His eyes widen. “Bella, you should just run.”

I shake my head. “Not without you. I’m not done with you.”

I give him the knife as I prop him up against the wall.

As some of the adrenaline begins to wear off, I remember that we’re naked. I’m trying to decide if I should risk going back to Alec and stealing his clothes when I hear footsteps coming our way. I guess I’ll steal their clothes instead. I take the knife back from Carlisle and hand him the gun so I can jump whoever is coming in. With the knife I can kill them quietly.

When the man steps in, it’s no one of importance. I blitz him, stabbing the knife right to his throat and making sure I hit his larynx. He falls with a soft thud, and I begin to drag him behind the door with what little strength I still maintain so I can quickly strip him. I give Carlisle the pants while I take the boxers and shirt.

I run my hand over my nonexistent hair. “Alright, Carlisle, we’re going to have to fight our way out of here.” I give him the gun and extra clips from my latest victim.

“Can you walk?” I ask him as I look around the corner to see if there is anyone else coming. Our best bet is to keep everything quiet. I don’t think we’ll make it out if we bombard them like we did at the pub.

He nods his head. “Yeah.”

I wave for him to follow me. I know it's risky to move like this since we don’t know what hallway leads where, or how to even get out of this fucking place. We creep through slowly, making our way up, I think. We have taken out three more guards when I finally see a window and realize we are so fucked.

All I can see is water.

“Where the fuck are we?” Carlisle stands next to me.

“I think a boat, but we must be close to shore. They come and go too much for us to be far away from land.” I pray to God that I’m right.

I don’t know how long it’s been since Caius left. It could have been hours, or just a few minutes; time seems to be a construct right now. What I do know is that we have to get out of here now, because one, I have killed five of their men, and two, we’ve already started our escape.

“We have to keep moving.” I pull Carlisle a little bit.

We continue to follow the hallway up some stairs, but it doesn’t make sense. If we’re on a boat, we should have already made it to the deck.

Suddenly, I begin to hear gunshots and yelling. Thank God!



Pensi che sia divertente, cagna~ You think its funny, bitch?

Lo voglio~ I do.


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