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find myself rubbing my temples as I kick yet another potential assistant out the door.

I am VP and a lawyer of Cullen enterprises. My father is the CEO and founder. Along with me, my three brothers are VPs. But I am the only lawyer. With so much on my plate I need an assistant to help keep my shit straight.

“Swan” I holler for the next interview. At this point I really don’t care how rude I sound. I am just pissed at the idiocy I have had to deal with this entire morning instead of working on the stack of papers needing my attention.

I pull out the resume of Edward Anthony Swan.

His work history is solid and lots of recommendations but the down fall he hasn’t been an assistant.
Edward walk is wearing a blue button-down shirt and black jeans his hair is ever where and his eyes are green I can see small scaring on his strong jaw line. Attached to his hand was the cutest little girl.

He shakily puts his hands out, “Ms. Cullen thank you for having me here today”

I took his hand with a firm shake. I was very impressed with his greeting he was the first one to have a proper one. “Thank you for coming in. Let’s sit and get to it.”

 He sits down in one of my chairs and his little girl takes the other. She puts headphones on and looks at her tablet.

“I have been over your resume, Mr. Swan, you have an impressive work history and all your references praise you left and right. But what surprises me is you have no office experience, so what makes you think you would be a good fit as my assistant?”


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