Eala Chapter 17

Chapter 17

I stare at the ceiling. Edward’s arms are draped over my stomach as we lie in bed. Last night was intense; after we passed out for a couple of hours we woke up and I explained to him what I found out. He broke his lamp and flipped a coffee table before fucking me hard against the wall, pissed that I put myself out there like that. I’m mad that he thinks I can’t take care of myself, but I should also remember that I’m not alone anymore, that I have someone I’m accountable to.

I shimmy gently away from Edward so I can shower before the meeting at the Cullen Estate, where Alice is coming clean. As the water washes over me, I let my mind wander over everything. Alice only gave away information pertaining to me, so that means there is another leak somewhere in Carlisle’s immediate circle.

I hear the bathroom door open. “Why didn’t you wake me, gra?” Edward’s sleep-thick voice echoes off the tiles of the bathroom.

I can’t help but giggle. “I’m sorry, I didn’t think about it.”

He steps into the shower and starts to palm my ass and press his dick against me.

“Didn’t you get enough last night?” I turn around, wrapping my arms around his neck.

He hums against my skin. “I’ll never get enough of you.”

I moan as he lifts me up and in a swift move, thrusts into me. His mouth covers my nipple, sucking and nipping and causing me to press my nails into his skin hard enough to leave a mark.

“Shit,” Edward hisses, but he doesn’t stop his pace.  
I tighten my legs around him and clamp my teeth where my nails were just at, causing him to falter just a bit. “You better be close, gra, because I’m about to fucking come,” he grunts and moves his hips faster.

I feel myself shatter and fall over into orgasmic bliss; not much after, Edward joins me. He gently pulls out as we try to catch our breath.

We finish showering together and get dressed. I can tell there’s a lot on my dathúil’s mind as we strap on our weapons.

I walk over to him as he runs his fingers through his hair for the umpteenth time. “Edward, something on your mind?”

He lets out a deep breath. “I want to kill her for selling you out. I want nothing to fucking do with her, but I know my brother.”

I nod, understanding how he’s feeling. I have my own conflicted feelings about what Alice did. “Well, let’s just get there and talk it out and figure out what we have to do.”

He nods his head and takes my hand to escort me to the SUV.

Walking into the Cullen house, we can feel the tension building between the Cullens, who are all sitting down at the dining room table. I hate being the last one to arrive; Edward is so lucky I love shower sex with him.

“What are we all doing here?” Carlisle immediately begins the conversation.

Edward and I sit, and I look around making sure it is only the immediate family. “No one is here, just us? I think we need to shut the doors so that this remains between us.”

Edward and Emmett get up and shut the doors and make sure no one is around to listen in.

Carlisle huffs in annoyance. “Now can I know what the hell is going on?”

I look pointedly at Alice, who ducks her head in shame. “I’m the reason someone was trying to abduct Bella,” she says just loud enough for everyone to hear, keeping her head down.

A pin dropping would echo in the silence met with her confession.

Jasper speaks first. “I don’t understand,” he says, his voice strained.

Alice finally looks up at her husband, her eyes red and her cheeks wet. “I have a brother, James, and he owes a lot of money to the Volturi.” She takes a deep breath trying to calm herself. “We were separated after our parents died, and he just now found me again. I knew I couldn’t just take that kind of money from you. He said that giving him some information, just trivial stuff, might help him get out of trouble. I didn’t think Bella was anything important, so I told him. I told him about what I know about Bella.”

Edward is very tense next to me and Jasper can’t meet his wife’s eyes. Carlisle just looks confused and pissed. Esme and Rose have hurt expressions, and Emmett seems impassive.

“Why not just come to me? What the hell, Alice” Jasper stands up with enough force to knock his chair over.

Alice gasps. “I was embarrassed, and scared for my brother.”

Jasper begins to pace. I feel sorry for him.

“What now?” Carlisle looks to Edward, who is watching Alice and Jasper.

“Now we need to decide what to do with her,” Edward grits out between his teeth.

Jasper stops pacing and his face drains of color. “I know she fucked up badly, but—” he turns to Alice as Carlisle interrupts.

Chuaigh sí in aghaidh an teaghlaigh. Cad atá ann chun labhairt faoi?” he angrily adds his input. The ultimate sin, in his eyes, and the only punishment is death.

Alice sobs harder.

I narrow my eyes on him. “So I get to kill you?” I snap at him. After all, he did the same to me.

He blanches, and Edward puts his hand on my knee to calm me; or try to.

“Look.” I take a calming breath. “What she did was stupid, but she did it for family. I think she needs to be guarded and watched from now on. If Jasper needs space, she can stay here, then. What really needs to be decided is what to do with James. Either we save him or kill him.”

I look over to Edward, whose eyes are on me. “I agree with Bella. As much as I hate Alice right now, I don’t know how different I would have acted in her shoes.” He turns to face everyone else. Jasper finally takes a seat. “Do you know if James wants help?” Edward asks Alice.

She shudders as she calms her breathing. “I don’t know. I want to believe he would, but after our last contact, I’m worried he’s too far gone.”

“Dad, Emmett, Jasper; let’s finish this conversation in the office. The women don’t need to hear the rest of this. And Alice doesn’t get to make decisions anymore.” Edward stands up and kisses me gently.

I want to follow, but I know I should respect some things.

Alice is crying, but I really just don’t have the kind of personality to soothe her. Esme stands up and embraces her. “Now, child, you will get through this. You and Jasper will be okay. But know this: this is your last chance.”

Alice wraps her arms around Esme. “I am sorry, Esme. I love you and Jasper so much. I never wanted to hurt you guys.”

Rose looks at me and then nods her head towards the kitchen. Needing to get out of this situation, I follow her.

Once the door closes behind us, she sighs. “I wanted to punch her so much. That was such bullshit. I would never hide anything from Emmett!”

I nod. “I’m pissed, too, but really we don't know what kind of mind fuckery she’s been through. She really might have thought she didn’t have a choice.” Even as I say the words, they feel fake coming out of my mouth.

Rose raises her brow, clearly calling me on my shit.

“I really want to kill her, just fucking shoot her and be done with it. But we also might need her. Besides, the information she gave out isn’t worth killing for. It’s our other leak we need to plug.” I know I’m talking more to myself at this point.

Edward comes back from his dad’s office, saying he wants to go home before the meeting with the Russians tonight. He doesn’t tell me what was discussed, yet.


I feel odd that a big meeting such as this is happening here at my pub. The Russians are coming here to meet with Edward and Carlisle and discuss what my father found. They thought here would be great because of the cameras, bouncers, and general atmosphere.

It’s bad enough we’re training the new waitresses and a manager tonight, but on top of that there's a new band that has had only one gig before this, but they have a lot of potential and following behind them.

Angela is working with the new manager, and I have the waitresses. Why, again? Oh, yeah, because I’m needed on the floor just in case I need to back up the Cullens.

It’s getting to be about midnight when I see them. The Russians.

Carlisle, Edward, Jasper, Emmett, Seth, Garrett, and Quin are all in the VIP area, though Seth, Garrett, and Quin are on the perimeter with my bouncers. There are four of the Russians. I know who two of them are, Vladimir and Stefan. The other two must be guards.

I meet them at the door. “Dobro pozhalovat', gospoda.” Their eyes widen at first, then they take me in and smirks appear on their faces.

Spasibo.” Vladimir holds his hand out, allowing me to go first. I’m sure they want to check my ass out. This is going to be an interesting meeting.
Edward is already clenching his fists as I arrive with the guests. I can only assume he sees them checking me out.

“I would appreciate it if you would keep your eyes off my fiancée,” he spits out angrily.

I hear the men laugh behind me. “I knew this gorgeous woman would be spoken for.” Vladimir continues to laugh as he takes a seat across from the Cullens, Stefan sitting next to him. The other two join our guards on the outside of the VIP area.

Edward pulls me to him, making me fall into his lap. “Caithfidh mé obair.” I kiss his lips gently. Despite my raging interest in the Russians, I have to get back to work.

Is féidir leo é a láimhseáil, fan anseo.” Edward keeps a firm hold on my hips.

I sigh. “At least let me tell them where I am. I’m supposed to be training them.” I give him the stink eye.

He smirks, knowing I caved, and pats my ass as I walk away to let my trainees go home and let Angela know where I’ll be.

Angela smiles, asking if she should send Chrissy home, also. “Yeah, might be a good idea.” I smile and walk back over to Edward and take a seat next to him.

Most of the excitement from the band is gone, leaving the crowd in a relaxed mood. That makes it easier for me to keep my mind on the meeting and not on work. Edward puts his hand on my thigh, an obvious show of possession.

“So, Carlisle, you said you had something for us?” Stefan begins.

Carlisle pulls out the files. “Years ago, I tasked a job to someone to investigate Aro’s capo, who is married to Irina, Viktor’s daughter and your sister.”

Stefan and Vladimir share a look, seeming more focused now. From what I know, Viktor is Stefan’s father, the don of the Russian family. Irina had fallen off the map once they agreed upon marriage between the families.
They had no idea what happened with Irina other than assurances from her husband that she’s fine and enjoying life. Not wanting to start war or make Irina unhappy, they let her be.

“We recently found paperwork showing that Irina had been to the hospital for broken bones. If you read Charlie’s notes you will see that he helped her go underground. Of course, you could never know this because she wanted out all together and the Italians wouldn’t want you to know for fear of retaliation and war.”

Stefan grabs the papers and folder out of Carlisle’s hand and starts to scramble through them. His posture tenses more and more as he reads further and sees the pictures.

No one speaks as he comes to grips with what he’s seeing.

“They are going to die.” Stefan’s voice is hard as he looks up at Carlisle.

“Aro is mine.” I look dead at him, to make him understand.

He nods.

The planning begins, and an alliance is formed. They agree to meet again in one week with Viktor present, and they’ll meet at the Cullen estate.

Finally, everyone has mostly scattered, and the pub is closed.

“Edward, head home, I need to do a few more things here.” I push him gently again as he wobbles a bit from the amount of alcohol he’s consumed.

“Fine, but you better be quick.” He kisses me sloppily and Emmett, Jasper, Garrett, and Quin leave with him, while Seth mans the perimeter.

Carlisle is still waiting at the bar, sipping his last drink.

“I have never seen my son so happy.” He swirls his drink around in its glass.

I sigh. “I don’t think I’ve been this content since my father died.”

Carlisle chuckles darkly. “I will never be forgiven, will I?”

I stand in front of him. “I don’t know. Right now, as my feelings stand? No.”

I’m washing the bar down as he finishes his drink when I hear a gunshot. I quickly pull my gun and hurry towards Carlisle, who has his own out. He starts to dial his cell.

There must be close to ten men that storm in, all circling their boss as he steps in next.

“Hello, niece.”

Chuaigh sí in aghaidh an teaghlaigh, cad atá ann chun labhairt faoi~ She went against the family, what’s there to talk about?
Caithfidh mé obair~ I have to work.
Is féidir leo é a láimhseáil, fan anseo~ They can handle it, stay here.

Dobro pozhalovat', gospoda~ Welcome, gentleman.
Spasibo~ Thank you.


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