Eala Chapter 17 Teaser

We finish showering together and get dressed. I can tell there’s a lot on my dathúil’s mind as we strap on our weapons.

I walk over to him as he runs his fingers through his hair for the umpteenth time. “Edward, something on your mind?”

He lets out a deep breath. “I want to kill her for selling you out. I want nothing to fucking do with her, but I know my brother.”

I nod, understanding how he’s feeling. I have my own conflicted feelings about what Alice did. “Well, let’s just get there and talk it out and figure out what we have to do.”

He nods his head and takes my hand to escort me to the SUV.

Walking into the Cullen house, we can feel the tension building between the Cullens, who are all sitting down at the dining room table. I hate being the last one to arrive; Edward is so lucky I love shower sex with him.

“What are we all doing here?” Carlisle immediately begins the conversation.


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