Eala Chapter 15

Chapter 15
I watch my leanbh sleeping peacefully. It took a lot of negotiations and sex to make my woman happy after basically forcing her to come back to my apartment. I get out of bed and walk out onto the balcony, lighting a cigarette and watching the smoke dissipate in the air.

Life is hectic with everything going on with the mole and the fact that I’ve slowly been taking over almost every aspect of the family. I will be officially taking over after the wedding, but the real reason I’m taking everything on right now is because we’re trying to figure out who in our family is a francach.

I toss my cigarette and pull at my hair. I need to ask Bella to move in with me; we’re going to be married, so it’s logical that we live together. I walk back in the bedroom, and seeing that she’s still sound asleep, I lean against the door frame and watch her. My mind is calm now, but when we were watching the video her da left for her, I was a mess inside. I couldn’t let her see me freaking out over her being Aro Volturi’s niece, or that she was part of the McSuaine family, the family that had been cut off from us because Da chose to keep using Charlie.

I knew there was something different about Bella. I knew the stories behind the McSuaine family, and horror stories of Aro. It made me wonder what Bella could be capable of with just her genetic makeup, not to mention that she was raised to be just like her father and her paternal family. I must be twisted, though, because knowing all this about her makes me love her more because she can survive being with me.

“It’s creepy how you’re watching me.” Bella’s throaty complaint brings me to the present.

I let a low chuckle escape. “I was just thinking.”

She hums, turning on her side and leaning on her elbow, raising her eyebrow as she waits for me to explain.

I push off the door and climb into bed with her. “When do you want to get married?”

She blows out some air. “Spring. May?”

I nod my head, liking the idea a lot. I’m sure we can put together a wedding in time.

“Well, we better get to planning, we only have seven months.” I start nipping at her skin.

She pushes me away. “Don’t think so, mister. We need to have a serious conversation. You already distracted me with sex last night.”

I sit up and run my fingers through my hair, knowing she’s right.
“I don’t want to be without you, ever, and my place is safer,” I begin my side of the discussion.

I watch her face soften. “I know, but I don’t feel that safe here, either. I think we need to find a little fortress of our own. With gates and dogs; something I can have some control over.”

I can’t help but smile as the vision washes over me. Bella and me in a big house with our kids running around playing with our dogs. Bella, round with another child, yelling at our boys for roughhousing.

I can’t help but lunge for her lips and press her flat into the mattress. “Yes, we’ll start looking today.”

She giggles as I attack her neck. “DathĂșil, I have to meet with suit man about my books, then I have to start looking for new employees, bands, and now apparently we’re house hunting. We have to get up.”

I grumble between her breasts. “But I don’t want to work today.” I know she’s right. I have to check the shipments and have a meeting with our New York family.

We decide to avoid being late to anything and take separate showers. I have a driver take her while I go the other direction to the warehouse to see how the shipment went and to make sure everything is there.

I adjust my gun as I step out of the SUV. Jasper and Emmett are already here and waiting for me.

“How does it look?” I ask, walking into the building.

“It’s all here. What we’re doing seems to be working,” Emmett answers me promptly as I start looking in the different crates.

Jasper hands over the forged paperwork for the merchandise. I can’t help but feel a little weight lift off; we’re heading in the right direction. Our leak is definitely someone in Dad’s immediate circle.

“Any leads on the guys who attacked our women?” I stare at Jasper, waiting for his answer.

“We know it was Aro’s men, but we still don’t know why.”

I slam the papers down on the desk. “That isn’t good enough. I want to know how the fuck they got past the guards and how they tracked them to that shop!” I shout.

Jasper sets his jaw. “Yes, boss.”

I sigh and take a calming breath. “Look, I know your wife was in danger, too, all our women were. This is why we have to know how the fuck it happened.”

Emmett pats Jasper’s back. “We’ll figure it out, I just thank God that your girl knows her shit.”

I couldn’t help but smile at the compliment.


The meeting with my cousins from New York bored me to death. These particular types of meetings I wish my father and his men could attend, because trying to explain to these fucking idiots what is in the works and what they need to prepare for is exhausting. I finally said fuck it and told them we would have to meet again later.

Afterward, I head to where my leanbh is; Eala. Good thing, because I need a drink. I find Bella in her office with Benjamin and Angela in what looks like a deep discussion.

I tap on the frame of the door. Bella turns her head to smile at me, then goes back to Ben. I watch her taking charge and telling them exactly what she wants and how it’s going to be done her way.

“I want three additional managers, and I want them trained by both Angela and me. I think the addition of two bartenders and two waitresses, as well.” Her nails tap rhythmically against the desk.

Benjamin flips through the papers Bella must have handed him with a pensive look on his face. “You could afford one more of each if you wanted.”

Bella raises her brow. “Check my wages again.”

He continues to look, and I can see beads of sweat forming on his forehead. “Yes, I can see, but Angela’s cutting back on her hours and then we can look at projections for the next several months.” Benjamin looks to me, then her, with fear.

Bella nods her head slowly. “Let’s just do what I said, and we can come back to hiring more in six months.”

“Okay,” he agrees quickly.

“Now we have something better to discuss; have you picked a date for the wedding?” Angela sits in Ben’s lap with a big smile.

I stand behind my leanbh. “We’re planning for May.”

Angela squeals. “We have to go dress shopping, and this time someone won’t try to kidnap you.”

I try not to growl at her comment, but I fail.

Bella turns to me with warning in her eyes but a smile on her lips. “Yes, I think maybe next week sometime. We have a lot to figure out with family and things like that. I’ll text you when I can figure out a day for sure. Until then, let’s get it out there that we’re hiring.” She turns and stands, huggin Angela goodbye while I shake Benjamin’s hand.

I close the door after they leave and sit in the chair across from her, watching her rub her temples. “Long day?” I ask gently.

She chuckles humorlessly. “Yeah, more call-offs. And new bands are trying to play here, but explaining to them that they aren’t what I’m looking for is like talking to a brick wall sometimes. Then there’s the idiot customers. How was your day?”

I blow out some air. “Uneventful, thankfully. The shipment was good. Jasper and Emmett are looking into the situation from the other day.” I stand, not wanting to think about business anymore, just my leanbh. “Come, gra, let’s go home.”

She smiles. “And when we get there we can look at some houses, maybe in the neighborhood near the Cullen estate.”

“Sounds like a plan,” I murmur as I kiss her neck.

We get back to the apartment and begin our home search online.
Bella is very specific on fences, or I should say walls, around a big chunk of property. I want plenty of rooms and possibly a guest house for guards to sleep and live at.

After a couple of hours looking, she snaps. “Fuck it. We’re buying land and building that shit.”

I stare at her dumbfounded for a moment. “That is a fucking great idea.”

My phone rings before she retorts. I answer with, “Cullen.”

“Boss, we figured out why they wanted Bella,” Emmett’s voice replies.

“Meet me at the club in an hour.” I end the call.

“What’s going on?” Bella scans my face looking for any tells.

I brush her lips with mine. “They have a lead on why someone wanted to kidnap you.”

She stands up, grabbing her guns.

I raise my brow. “Where do you think you’re going?”

She crosses her arms. “With you. It concerns me, so I’m going.”

I don’t bother arguing with her, instead taking her hand and dragging her with me to the vehicle.


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