Eala Chapter 15 teaser

“It’s creepy how you’re watching me.” Bella’s throaty complaint brings me to the present.

I let a low chuckle escape. “I was just thinking.”

She hums, turning on her side and leaning on her elbow, raising her eyebrow as she waits for me to explain.

I push off the door and climb into bed with her. “When do you want to get married?”

She blows out some air. “Spring. May?”

I nod my head, liking the idea a lot. I’m sure we can put together a wedding in time.

“Well, we better get to planning, we only have seven months.” I start nipping at her skin.

She pushes me away. “Don’t think so, mister. We need to have a serious conversation. You already distracted me with sex last night.”


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