Eala Chapter 14 Teaser

"NOW!" I holler.

Esme grabs Rose and Alice and hightails it to where I told them to go. Zafrina looks at me in confusion, but follows suit.

I pull out my phone and text the name of the shop and 911 to Edward. Then I pull one of my guns, slowly backing away from the front of the store, waiting for the person or persons to make their move. It isn't long before three armed men stormed in the door, trying to rush me. I shoot the closest one in the knee before I run for cover around the corner where the dressing rooms are.

I lean against the wall trying to see where the intruders are. I glance behind me at Esme, Alice, and Rose huddled together. I give Esme my other gun just in case someone gets by me. Zafrina is standing tall with her own gun.

I really wish we didn't go shopping today.


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