Eala Chapter 13

Chapter 13
We jam our bags with all the files we can manage, which is everything but a few that are old and don't really pertain to anything.
Edward is in shock with all the information my dad left in the video and he's talked non-stop about Aro and all the things he's heard about him. Aro is who Edward thought killed his mom and who he wanted to protect me from.
"What does this Aro look like?" I ask as we finally come back to my old house.
We stop to take a break. Edward seems worked over from the fast pace that I set today, wanting to just get out of here and back to the city.
"Aro has dark hair that he keeps slicked back into a ponytail." He grunts, scrunching his nose in disgust.
Memories flash before me of a man with that description. "He was there," I whisper, looking to the ground.
"What do you mean, leanbh?"
"The man you describe to me as Aro, he was there, he murdered my dad."
"That's fucked up," he spits out.
The drive home is quiet because I'm in my head thinking about everything that I've learned in just a few days' time. I'm part Italian, the rival family to the Cullens is my mother's family, even though my dad's family is loyal to the Cullens, and my uncle killed my dad. My dad was investigating the marriage between Aro's second in command and the daughter of the Russian don. I want to laugh at how complicated my life has become. I'm at peace knowing this is the life my dad raised me for, although I doubt he thought I would be with the next don of the Cullen family.
Edward does all the driving as I doze in and out of consciousness. I'm more than tired; it's easier to process my thoughts while I sleep.
It isn't until we reach Seattle that I become more aware and more and more restless. "Edward, we need to switch vehicles, I have a bad feeling." I keep an eye on a blue sedan that is two car lengths away.
"Leanbh, what you are seeing?" I can almost hear the anger hidden in his voice.

I hum. "I'm not sure, dathúil, but I'd rather be safe. Let's call an Uber, go to the mall, walk around, and see how paranoid I am."

The sedan does follow us to the mall. Idiots dúr, they don't know how to tail at all.
We go through some stores trying to buy some time, which is hard with our packs causing lots of mall security to be interested in us. After about an hour we leave via the car waiting for us. I'm about to give Eala's address, but Edward beats me to it and has us routed to the Cullen Estate.
I give him a questioning look.
"We have to unload our bags, gra." He kisses my temple.
I nod my head in understanding, knowing he's right.
My blood is pumping in my ears as we pull up to the mansion of a house. I can feel in my veins how much I want to go in there and kill Carlisle. As if dathúil can read my mind, he grabs me up in his arms. "If I could let you, I would."

I chuckle. "You would resent me, dathúil."
He smiles. "Can you settle with just verbally assaulting him whenever you feel the need?"
I laugh loudly this time. "Yeah, I think I can live with that."
We're welcomed into the house with warm greetings from Esme. "Oh, I am so glad you're back. I've got dinner ready and everyone is going to be here."
I smile at her eagerness. She's short with an hourglass figure, probably leftover from carrying her two boys so close together. Her green eyes are full of happiness. She wears her hair in a loose bun with a few strands framing her round face, and she has laugh lines around her full lips.
"That sounds good Mama Es, where is Da?" Edward gives her his charming smile.
She snorts at his antics. "Your dad is in his office. Before you go, you should shower."
He smiles fully now. "What you are saying, do I stink?" He goes in for a hug, but Esme laughs and turns away from him.
My heart swells so much seeing this interaction. Family, love, something I never knew I could miss.
Edward takes my hand, breaking my reverie, and we head to his dad's office.
When we enter, I notice his left- and right-hand men are in there with him. Not that we gave Carlisle a lot of information, but he had enough that it would explain the tail we got as we entered Seattle.
"Edward, how did your trip go?" Carlisle's smile was genuine, but I really wanted to slap it.
"We decided to go another time, so instead we went hiking in Port Angeles," I answer before Edward can, hoping he understands my lie.
Carlisle's face falls a bit at the news.
Even though I see his face, my focus is on his two henchmen and their reactions. The tall tattooed one seems indifferent, but the other one seems a little on edge, closing his hands into fists, almost twitching in his seat.
"You know, we're going to shower, and then we'll talk you to later, preferably without an audience." Edward gives his father a pointed look before he takes my hand and leads me to the bathroom that's attached to his childhood room.
I walk in first, the air around us sparking with need. I hear the door shut and a lock turn, but I continue looking at my surroundings. Posters of models and bookshelves full of CDs; a typical teenager's room.
I drop my pack and I hear him drop his. I feel him behind me, his chest pressed gently against my back. His breath tickles my neck as he kisses it.
"Leanbh, let's shower together." His voice is husky and full of want.
I can't help but moan. "Yes."
Together we help each other out of our clothes, slowly kissing each other's skin as we go.
The hot water sprays as we continue to grope each other.
Edward grabs my hand, reaching for my Claddagh. I look into his eyes, seeing love and devotion staring back at me.
"Pós mé."
He slides the ring off my right hand and switches it to my left finger, ever so slowly slipping it on me.
I keep my eyes to his as I answer. "Tá."
The ring is now on my left hand with the heart facing out, and his lips crash to mine, his hands lifting me up. He pushes into me with a quick thrust. I call out his name as he thrusts steadily into me, and it isn't long before we both reach our climax. Just in time for the water to run cold, making us laugh.
Dressed and ready for dinner with his family, I can't help but feel giddy. I am going to marry Edward. I look over to my fiancé who is putting his gun in the back of his pants.
After our shower I fixed his ring as well, making sure it's clear he's engaged also.
"Maybe tomorrow, leanbh, I'll take you to pick out a proper ring." He smirks at me, his green eyes shining with mirth.
I raise my brow. "I have a proper ring, I don't want another." I wiggle my ring finger. "This has more meaning than a traditional ring."
He grabs my hand, kissing my fingers. "Fíneáil, Is breá liom tú."

I peck his lips. "Is breá liom tú níos mó."
He snorts and proceeds to drag me to where we're having dinner. Carlisle is sitting at the head of the table with Emmett to his left, Rose sitting next to him, and then Alice and Jasper. I'm assuming that Edward and I will be on the right, leaving Esme to the other end of the table.
Carlisle meets my eyes, and again the urge to just shoot him is strong.
Edward must feel me tense, because he wraps his arm around my shoulders.
"I asked Bella to marry me, and she said yes," he announces to his family, his chest puffed out completely, proud that I will be his wife.
I can't help but smile up at him; I am so lucky.
Everyone begins to congratulate us, of course, Esme shrieking in excitement along with Rose. Alice doesn't seem to share the sentiment, but I really don't care. Carlisle seems wary at the announcement, but it just makes me happy. I want to rub it in more. But everyone sits down, and plates begin to be passed around as questions are thrown at us left and right.
I watch the family dynamic, and it's obvious that Emmett and Jasper follow their big brother's lead. Even with their dad sitting right there, they listen to Edward. Esme decides that tomorrow us girls are going shopping even with my objections. I find myself not wanting to disappoint my soon to be mother-in-law.
After dinner, Edward and I retrieve the files and take them to Carlisle.
Carlisle sets his jaw. "Why did you lie?"
I narrow my eyes. "Because I didn't want anyone to know outside the three of us. Someone is leaking information to Aro."
He stands abruptly. "You think it's either Eleazar or Marcus?"
"Yes," I tell him bluntly.
He turns to Edward. "You believe her, they've been part of the family all their lives."
Edward straightens to his full height as he answers his father. "Yes, considering we had a tail the moment we got back to Seattle, and you and those two were the only ones to know what we were up to. The last three shipments of guns have been hit, and only six people knew about them."
Carlisle seems lost as he collapses into his chair.
I place my hands on his desk and lean in. "It's time to be the don your reputation says you are and do what needs to be done."
Our eyes meet. "I want more proof; give it to me, and I will."
I nod. "I will, but until then, you only tell them shit if you have to, enough so they don't think you're onto them, but nothing that's going to hurt us."
He agrees, so we begin to tell him everything we found out at the cabin, showing him the DVD that my dad left me.
His reaction is exactly what I expected.
"You're half Italian?" He glares at Edward. "You can't marry her!"
Edward returns the glare with a set jaw. "I will, and if you try to stop us I'll be happy to explain to everyone how Esme isn't even Irish."
The stare down between the two men lasts minutes before Carlisle's shoulders sag in defeat and he nods his head.
"Everything you need to get the Russians on our side is in this file." I push a red folder over to him.
He flips it open, scanning the contents. His lips turn up. "Oh, I think we might have to prepare for war, the Russian are going to slaughter the Italians."
Idiots dúr~ stupid idiots
Dathúil~ Handsome
Pós mé~ Marry me
Tá~ Yes
Fíneáil, Is breá liom tú~ Fine, I love you
Is breá liom tú níos mó~ I love you more


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