Eala Chapter 10

Chapter 10
Gun cleaning and target practice. Check. Run ten miles before sparring. Check. Work at Eala. Check. Oh, and try not to kill anyone. Repeat the next day.
Two months in, and I'm positive my body is in the best shape of its life. My gun skills are also in top form. Every day since Edward left, I've been running, shooting, and sparring. I've worked so many hours at Eala, it's a good thing I don't have to pay myself. My life is at a standstill. No matter how many times Angela drags me to her place to have dinner with her and suit man, it just reminds me of what I can't have. Then I start thinking of barging into Twilight and saying fuck the hiding, but I know I can't do that to Edward. He would never be able to do his work, or focus on what he needed to do.
I run my fingers through my hair, trying to focus on anything other than the empty hole in my heart.
I take out my Glock and set in on the coffee table, lining my gun cleaning supplies up on the table next to it. I drop the clip and double check the chamber to make sure it's completely unloaded. I begin to strip my gun into the major components: frame, slide, spring, and barrel. Every part of my body seems at ease as I focus all my energy on this one task.
Before I know it, I'm down in the bar doing some paperwork. Inner Circle Avenue is playing tonight, a popular band, so we're packed. I sigh, looking at the surveillance screens and knowing the workers are drowning. I step out of my office and start helping.
I find Angela trying to fill orders from the bar and simultaneously waitress. I grab the tray from her.
"Where to?" I ask.
"VIP section. Whisky to Mr. Cullen, beers to his guards," she answers nonchalantly.
"Well, you take it, and I'll take care of the bar." I attempt to hand the tray back, because there's no way in hell I can go over there.

Angela rolls her eyes and walks away, the bitch. I find myself touching the necklace Edward gave me to calm myself.
I blow out the breath I'm holding. Carlisle Cullen is about to find out who I am to his son. I want to be smug about this, because after all this hiding, breaking it off will turn out to be for nothing; once Carlisle sees the necklace on me, it'll all be out in the open.
It's not in my nature to cower and hide, so when I notice his steely eyes on me I stare right back, almost begging him to say something to me.
"Your drinks, gentlemen." I hand the whisky to Carlisle and the beers to the men with him.
Carlisle's eyes wander to my necklace and back to my eyes. "Go raibh maith agat." His voice is tension filled.
I can feel myself ready to explode at this man. "Tá fáilte romhat."
I watch his jaw drop just enough to feel vindicated. I'm sure he has all kinds of judgment inside his head about me.
"If you need anything else, don't hesitate to ask." I quickly walk away from him before I find myself saying something I wouldn't regret, but would put me in an awkward situation.
For the rest of the night, I ignore him almost to the point of avoiding that entire section of the bar. I can feel his eyes on me. The more he watches me do my job, the more I felt the need to prove to him that I'm worthy.
As I'm walking around checking tables, I see my newest and youngest employee, Bree, getting harassed by a couple of biker boys. And nothing flips me from zero to killing someone faster than watching my female employees being harassed.
"Bree, go ahead and take your break." I gently tug her away. I can see unshed tears in her eyes and relief flood her face.
"Aw, we were having fun with her," a tattooed, leather vested beefcake-looking man says to me. His buddies laugh with him.
"Time for you to go. I will not have you harassing my staff," I spit out, pissed as fuck.
He stands up, having a good two feet and three hundred pounds on me. "You're going to have to throw me out, princess." He smirks.
I grin. "You just made my day." I kick him in the side of his knee, and he screams and goes down right before I grab the back of his head and smash his face on my knee, knocking him out. I call to Tony and Ryan to drag him out.
I turn to his friends. "You gentleman can take your leave now, also." I raise my brow, daring them to argue with me. I still have some pent-up anger to get out.
They nod and quickly follow their friend out of my bar.
I go to Bree and make sure she's okay.
"Yes, thank you, Bella."
I smile. "It's my job to make sure you feel safe here. Now, are you okay to go back to work?"
She smiles and nods, heading back to the floor.
The night goes by quickly, but Carlisle seems to be content just sitting and watching me. I want to punch him in the face more times than I can count, especially now that everyone else is gone and I'm standing behind the bar staring at him and his guards wondering if anyone would suspect me if I killed them. I can erase the tapes, and it's not like anyone would really believe a little woman like me could kill off three mobsters. They wouldn't even see it coming.
Sometimes I scare myself.
"I would like to ask you a question," he hollers across the room.
I walk towards him, but keep a good fifteen feet away, for his safety. "What's the question?" I ask, managing not to grit my teeth.
"My oldest son, he won't bring a woman into the family. I know he was involved with someone and must love her, but he refuses to let us meet her. Why do you think that is?"

It doesn't take me long to have my answer. I'm not one to lie or hold back, and I never will be. "Maybe it's because when he was just a child he watched his mom murdered in front of him and his father did nothing about it. Maybe he is so scared of losing the woman he loves as much as he loved his mother. Maybe, just maybe, he has trust issues when it comes to the security in the family. Have you noticed how he has extra protection added to the other women in his life?" I raise my brow. "Just a thought."
"I think you're fucking mistaken," he spits out between his teeth.
I can't help but snort at his stupidity. "Sure, why not. Either way, get the fuck out of my bar. It's closing time." I'm done with this and him.
He abruptly stands up, spilling the drinks all over the table. I feel myself itching for my gun yet again.
"I'll be seeing you around." He throws a wad of cash on the table.
I smirk. "Not if I see you first." I feel fire in my veins, the threat hanging in the air.
He and his lackeys storm out of my bar.
He's going to tell Edward. Now that Carlisle knows about me... maybe, just maybe...
Sundays at Eala are nicely paced; not too slow, but not the same bustle as Fridays and Saturdays. I'm wiping the counter down when I feel a buzz of electricity on the back of my neck.
I turn around and see Edward standing there with several day's stubble on his face and dark circles under his green eyes.
I stay glued to my spot, unsure of why he's here.
He spots me, and just a few strides later, his arms wrap around me and he crushes his lips to mine. I immediately reciprocate.
Once the catcalls and whistling begins, we break apart, panting.
"I thought…" I stare at him in confusion.
"I don't care, I need you beside me. These last two months have been hell." His forehead is pressed against mine.
A content sigh escapes me. "I have to say, I'm in the best shape of my life." I chuckle as a scowl forms on his face. "I love you, dathúil." I kiss his frown.
His lips curve up. "When are you closing?"
"On Sundays, we close at midnight." I pat a stool. "You can wait here, or at my apartment," I tell him as I walk backwards away from him.
He takes a seat. "I've already been away from you too long, I'll wait right here."
I don't think I've ever smiled this much. "Good, it gives me something to look at as I work."
The hours go by horrifically slow with Edward touching me innocently every time I'm near him.
When I finally lock the doors, an electric buzzing shoots through my core. I'm playing with the rag in my hands when I feel his touch on my waist.
"I'm ready to go up to the apartment and show you how much I've missed you." His velvet voice causes goosebumps on my skin.
"I have to clean up, Edward," I moan, leaning back on his chest.
"We can do it in the morning, me and you."
I turn to study his face. "You're staying the night?"
He smirks. "If you let me, yes."
I take his hand and lead him up to my apartment and into my bedroom.
I push his jacket over his shoulders, letting it fall to the ground. Then I begin to unbutton his shirt, taking my time, my eyes never leaving his ever-darkening green ones. I reach the last button and open his shirt. I gently run my nails down his chest, causing him to grip my waist wonderfully hard. I push his shirt off next, then I unbutton his pants and push them down to his feet. I lean up to his ear. "Finish taking those off, will you?"
He kicks his shoes off, followed by the pants, leaving just his boxers that are showing his very prominent erection.
Edward grabs me, sucking on my earlobe. "You are wearing entirely too many clothes, leanbh."
I giggled. "How do you propose we fix that?"
He growls, ripping my shirt over my head and then lifting me up to toss me on my bed where he tears my pants off, leaving me in just my underwear.
His eyes are already fucking me, but I need his cock in me now. "Edward, I need you," I moan.
"Leanbh," he murmurs as he takes my panties off, followed by his boxers. I unclip my bra, throwing it somewhere in the room.
He hovers over me, kissing me deeply as he enters me in a swift move. I feel myself arch off the bed as I moan his name. His elbows are on either side of my face as he pumps in and out me, our eyes fixed on each other, foreheads touching. I wrap my legs around him, my nails pressing into his biceps.
"I'm not going to last long, grá." He thrusts harder.
"Neither am I." And just like that, the coil in my lower belly snaps and I scream in pure bliss.
I'm barely aware that Edward has also joined me in post-conjugal bliss.
I feel warm, so warm, and the nightmares have stayed away. A shift in the bed catches me off guard; I quickly grab my knife and nick whoever dares to be in my bed.
"Fuck, Bella!" Edward yelps.
"Shit!" I sit up quickly and turn my lamp on, looking at Edward. He's holding a spot on his cheek where blood is trickling down.
"Oh, I am so sorry, Edward." I cover my mouth. Shame seeps into me, raising a blush to my cheeks.
But Edward begins to chuckle. "Mo ghrá thú."
I fall back on the bed, chuckling. "I really am sorry. I forgot you were sleeping over."
"Well, you'll have to get used to it, because I'm never sleeping without you again."
I smile. "Would you like to explain what changed your mind? Or was it just that your father figured out who I am?"
It's time to talk about it. I want to know if Carlisle talked to Edward or if he hid it. How much of Edward's decision is from Carlisle if he did tell Edward about out encounter? So many questions.
Edward sighs and tells me everything that Carlisle told him about his mother. And then he tells me that even if his father had not come to Eala, he was just a week away from making me his permanently.

I cup his cheek, the one that's not bleeding. "It doesn't matter what brought you back to me, as long as you're back and you're not going to change your mind. Because I will not survive it, and I will go on a killing spree."

He captures my lips. "Go deo, grá."

"Tú níos fearr."
And he isn't joking; he demands that I come to tributes tonight to stand next to him where I belong. I don't know if it's wise, but I also know I need to be there. I've missed him so much I can't say no.
He leaves mid-morning, saying he'll be back to pick me up later. I text Angela that I won't be in tonight. It shouldn't be too bad, it's a Monday.

I decide to go for a run to help with my nerves. This is huge, I'm going to be with his family, his father. I'll be presented as Edwards girlfriend, his partner, and someday I'll be his donna.
I run five miles, ending at the gym. Maybe I should go to the range. I decide that I don't need either and run back to my place to take a shower and pick out my outfit for tonight.
I put on a blue and white striped shirt with ripped jeans and white flats. I look good, I can have my guns and knives where I want them, and I can fight in it without too much skin possibly showing. I shouldn't really think like this, but I have no idea how tonight is going to play out, and with shipments and merchandise missing from Edward's business, I know I need to be ready for anything.
I hear the knock on the door, and I all but run to answer it.
Edward is on the other side, smiling. The dark circles are gone and so is the stubble. But now there's a butterfly bandage where I cut him by accident. "You ready, grá?"
I nod, not trusting my voice.
He escorts me down to the black Escalade I've ridden in once before, but this time I don't hide myself. I tip my head in greeting as the driver holds the door open. His eyes widen as he takes me in.
Growling, Edward spits out to his driver, "Ag teastáil uait a choinneáil do shúile chun do fucking tú féin."
The man's eyes fall to the ground with an ashen face.
I look at Edward with a brow raised.
He leans in, his breath tickling my ear. "You are mine to admire, no one else's."
My head falls back. "You can't threaten them all."
He grumbles something under his breath as I climb in and he follows.
Being in the VIP section at Twilight is an interesting experience. His brothers find me humorous, and Carlisle just ignores me. I find that I'm okay with that.
"Rose, what do you do?" I ask, trying to get to know everyone more.
She smiles. "I own an auto body shop. I like to restore old cars."
"That's awesome. I'm not a car girl, at all." I chuckle, sipping my drink.
"What do you do?" she asks in return.
"I own a pub, Eala."
I feel Edward wrap his arms around my shoulders, and I lean into him. He watches me with a smile.
Rose gasps. "I've heard so many good things about Eala. I've been dying to go there and listen to Inner Circle Avenue, but we haven't been able to make it."
"They'll be playing again next month, you should come. I'll take good care of you." I pat her leg.
She turns to talk to Emmett with excitement about what I just said.
"Edward tells me you're very proficient with guns," Carlisle finally speaks to me after several hours of being here.
Our eyes meet, his steely blue eyes to my brown ones. "Guns are second nature to me. I'm very good at defending myself."
He nods slowly, his fingers gliding over his chin. "Do you do any investigations?"
I hum, looking at him. "I could, my father taught me several things of that nature."
"Let's take this conversation to the office." Carlisle stands up, walking to a back room. I follow, feeling Edward behind me as we enter the office with Carlisle's men.
Carlisle pulls a folder out and tosses it on his desk. A few pictures slide out. "I was wondering if you could find out everything there is to know about this man." He hands me a picture.

I pull my gun and aim it at the center of his forehead before anyone can blink. "How the fuck do you have this?"
"Bella," Edward uses a cautious tone as he comes up behind me. I count the guns around me, calculating that I might get hit, but I'm sure I'll wipe most of them out first.

"I need to know how you got this picture, right now!" I can feel angry tears ready to fall.
"I got it from a friend that was looking into the man before the friend died. How do you know this man?" Carlisle grinds out.
I slowly lower my gun, looking back at the picture of a couple; a Russian woman and an Italian man. My father once said we had to figure out the truth about them.

"I don't know them, but I took this picture."

Go deo, grá~ Forever, love
 níos fear~ You better
Ag teastáil uait a choinneáil do shúile chun do fucking tú féin~ You need to keep your eyes to your fucking self


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