Eala Chapter 10 Teaser

For the rest of the night, I ignore him almost to the point of avoiding that entire section of the bar. I can feel his eyes on me. The more he watches me do my job, the more I felt the need to prove to him that I'm worthy.

As I'm walking around checking tables, I see my newest and youngest employee, Bree, getting harassed by a couple of biker boys. And nothing flips me from zero to killing someone faster than watching my female employees being harassed.

"Bree, go ahead and take your break." I gently tug her away. I can see unshed tears in her eyes and relief flood her face.

"Aw, we were having fun with her," a tattooed, leather vested beefcake-looking man says to me. His buddies laugh with him.

"Time for you to go. I will not have you harassing my staff," I spit out, pissed as fuck.

He stands up, having a good two feet and three hundred pounds on me. "You're going to have to throw me out, princess." He smirks.


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