Eala Teaser Ch 6

I stomped down the hallway until I reached the main room, all the while hollering in Russian. I saw a burley guy and a skinny blonde, both of whom I recognized from the first time Edward was in my bar. Then, right there with blue eyes blazing, was Edward's dad.

"Cad atá fucking cearr leat?" he spit at Edward.

I found myself stopping in mid step and turning to Edward, who's shoulders were slumped in defeat, but his eyes were spitting fire. "Ní dhéanfaidh aon rud mícheart, d'inis tú dom spraoi a bheith agat. Bhí spraoi fucking agam," he growled back, his fists tight at his side. Yeah, we had fun.

"You never bring a whore back to your fucking place, get her the fuck out of here!" Carlisle barked, pointing to me.

My fingers twitched for my gun, but instead I gave a quick look to Edward; he was glaring at his father. "I'm no shlyukha," I cried in my thick accent. I wanted to slap the asshole, but I knew that would cause more trouble than it would be worth. I huffed and stormed to the elevator, aggressively pushing the button to leave. It quickly dinged and the doors slid open. I hit the button for the bottom floor, and as the doors closed I saw Edward's devastated eyes on me.


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