Eala Teaser Ch 5

He's a mafia prince. And because of what his family is, his mother was murdered much like my father. We talked until the sun started to rise. We talked about our childhoods, our dads, and his mom.
I began to smile, remembering the words he said before he left.

"You are my girl. I lied the other night. I just can't risk your life, Bella. I don't know how long we can make it work, but I want every minute of it. With you."
"I'll take it," I whispered against his lips.

Nothing that he told me bothered me. What bothered me was his last name; Cullen. Something deep inside me told me I knew it from somewhere.

I got up out of bed and began my routine. I went for a run, I hit the shooting range, and ended at the gym. I felt eyes on me when I started sparring with two guys. My eyes wandered around the room, and they set on some very intense green ones. I felt hands grabbing my arms; he must have thought I wasn't paying attention. I quickly knocked him on his ass and repeated for the second guy before calling it a day. I showered and changed quickly, making my way back to the reception area of the gym. As I walked over to an impatient Edward, the gym owner, Sam, stepped into my path with a wide grin.

I snorted, rolling my eyes. "Sam." He was of Native American descent with russet skin, six-foot-five and built like a shit-brick house. Every time I came in, he had a proposal for me.

"What if I give you co-ownership of the gym, and half the profits, to teach here." His rough voice tried to sound sweet.

"I told you before, I don't want to teach, big guy."

His head fell, shaking back and forth. "The things I've seen you do, people ask all the time if they could take the class you're teaching. I would love to actually give them what they want," he begged, his dark eyes meeting mine.

"No, Sam," I answered in a warning tone.

"Alright, alright. But I know I'll get you one of these days." He walked away, and as he did I saw Edward glaring, his fingers twitching.

I walked toward him, looking around and seeing nobody out of place.

"What does the madra want from you?" Edward sneered in Sam's direction.

I snorted. "The dog keeps trying to get me to teach classes here."

His eyes came back to mine, and he seemed to have calmed down a bit. "You are really good."


  1. When do you update this story and is it posted on any other websites?

    1. Every Thursday, its on FF and Stars



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