Eala Chapter 9 Teaser

Our driver opens the door for us. Marcus gets in first, then I follow, and Eleazar climbs in behind me.

"You boys know anything about this pub?" I ask, checking my phone and sending out texts to my sons to make sure they know to be at dinner tomorrow.

"My daughter goes there every Saturday with her college friends to listen to bands. She says she feels safe and has a lot of fun." Eleazar smiles. His daughter is everything to him. His wife died giving birth to her, so all they have is each other and the Cullen family.

"Well, I hope it's not loud metal music tonight while we're there," I joke with the guys.

We arrive at the pub and I'm shocked to see a line of people trying to get in. I worry for a moment, but I see Eleazar slip the bouncer money and we get in easily. Entering the pub is interesting; there's all kinds of people from all walks of life enjoying the atmosphere.

I notice there aren't many places to sit as I take in the scene. I walk up to the bar, preparing to order some Jameson when I notice Benjamin's girlfriend. I lean against the bar to greet her. "Angela, álainn."

Her smile radiates. "Mr. Cullen, what can I do for you, big shot?"


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