Eala Chapter 8 Teaser

Mo ghrá thú, leanbh

That was the only text I'd gotten in the last two weeks. It hurt, but I knew it was necessary. It must've been too risky to come see me.

I wanted to argue with him so much to prove that I was capable of taking care of myself, for him to let me be part of his family. But I knew what would happen; the same thing that happened each time I brought it up over the last year. He would shut down the conversation by telling me I'm worth too much to him.

I kept myself occupied by working harder at the bar, and I had three months of bands lined up to show for it, not to mention my bar had never looked cleaner. I turned to working out and shooting daily instead of a few times a week to keep my mind off the fact I had no idea when I would see Edward again.

The small amount of spare time I did have was spent helping Angela pack up her apartment and move it all to suit man's place. We were making a trip to their new apartment when she grew exasperated with my nickname for him.

"Say his name with me, Bella. Ben. You can even say Benjamin." She grabbed a box out of her trunk.

I rolled my eyes, grabbing a box for myself. "Does it matter? He isn't here, is he?"

"Yes, he took the day off to help me unpack."

She was so goddamn happy that I couldn't even rain on it, even though I wanted to. I wondered if he knew anything. Maybe he knew where Edward was and when he might get free. I shook my head of those thoughts, knowing it wouldn't get me anywhere good.

The place she was moving into was super nice, with high security, of course. I would expect nothing less, considering suit man handles the Cullen family money.

The door opened, and suit man was in sweats and a t-shirt. "Well, shit," I chuckled quietly.

His eyes dropped to the floor upon seeing me. It must be a respect thing. "Hello, Bella."

"Ben-ji-men." I over pronounced his name, giving the bitch brow to Angela.

The door shut behind us, and there in the living room was my dathúil. "Edward!" I dropped the box and ran over, wrapping myself around him.


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