Eala Chapter 7

Chapter 7


I've ordered strategic sweeps in all of our warehouses, restaurants, clubs, boats, and the docks themselves, while trying not to bring too much attention to what we're doing.
Wearing jeans and a tee with a baseball cap tilted down, I take an Uber from my apartment; honestly, I took two to make sure I wasn't followed to where Bella does target practice.

I walked up to the private area she'd rented out so she could avoid being harassed. I joked with her when she told me, asking how many fingers she broke before they gave her the option. She answered five, and I couldn't help but laugh, knowing full well that it was probably true.

I kept my face tilted low as I drank in the sight of my Bella. She was wearing a plain black t-shirt that hugged her curves and dark cargo pants to hold the many firearm accessories she carried on 'training day', as she called it.

My hands found her waist as she bent low, setting up the shot with her M24. I also noticed she'd brought two Glocks and an AR-15. I tried to wipe the shock off my face, because the last time I surprised her here she had a different set of guns.

Even with my hands all over her and my hard cock rubbing on her ass, she still hit her targets dead on.
"You're lucky that I wasn't aiming for something serious." She straightened, turning her head to face me. Her brow was raised, daring me to say something.

I gripped her hips harder, bringing her closer to me. I put my lips up to her ear. "Even if this was a life or death situation, I know you wouldn't miss." I sucked on her ear lobe.

She moaned, leaning into me. "You're evil," she panted.

I snickered. "I am in the mafia."

She snorted, pulling away from me and beginning to break down her M24. "I'm surprised you came today," she said as she closed the case to her sniper rifle and then picked up her Glock.

"I don't think I'm going make it over tonight. Tributes, and all."

She raised her arms with her gun in hand. I saw her phone lying on the table, so I snatched it up and took a couple of pictures of her sexy ass shooting her Gen 4 Glock.

She was focused, and my Bella never missed.

"That's okay, I think Ang wanted to go out with me tonight." She began to clean up her space, clipping her Gen 4 holster to her hip and her G42 in the small of her back.

"Ride back with me to your gym," I pleaded, wanting more time with her.

Bella sighed, turning her body to me. "I need to run Edward, I've already skipped two running days because of spending time with you."

I wrapped my arms around her, trying to be suave. "Leanbh, please, you can run after the gym work out, but I will miss you so much tonight." I kissed her.

"You are going to be the death of me, dathúil."

I smirked. "Let's get going, leanbh."

I carried one case as she carried her bag and the other case into the Uber waiting for us. I kept my arm around her shoulders; I couldn't keep my hands off of her. She was everything and more. Everything in my bones told me she was the one. But the deep-seated fear of her death wouldn't allow me to bring her into the family.

We said our goodbyes at her gym, and I walked a few blocks down to a jewelry store. I wanted something special for my girl. She deserved more than what I could ever give her, but I wanted something, anything to show her how much she meant to me. She had my heart.

The ding echoed through the shop as I entered. An older gentleman was sitting behind the counter peering over his glasses at me.

"Welcome, what can I do for you, sir?" He didn't get up from his stool.

I let my eyes wander around the selection, but nothing caught my eye. "I need something for my girl. Something that speaks volumes, but nothing engagement-ring-wise."

"You love her, but you're not ready to make a commitment?" The old man raised his eyebrows, looking at me over his glasses.

I dropped my gaze to the floor, abashed. "I haven't said the words yet, but yes, very much so."

I heard the creaking of the stool and I looked up. He was standing up and unlocking a safe. "Come here, boy, I think I have something just for her."

I walked over to the counter where he was setting out a couple of rings, but not just any rings; Claddagh rings.

I met his eyes and they were sparkling. "Do you know the different meanings with these?"

I chuckled. "Yes, sir, I do." My eyes roamed the different styles, but one jumped out at me. The green gems matched the one that was in my family necklace.

I pointed to it. "This one, please."

He smiled. "Good choice."

I paid for the ring and put it in my pocket, heading back to my place. If I planned the day correctly, nobody would have missed me while I was out.


I arrived at the club earlier than usual to make sure everything was set up. With everything that had been going on with the warehouses and the docks, we had upped our security. Tribute night was going to go differently than usual; we weren't allowing as many customers in the club, and we had doubled the bouncers and included private security.

I was in my office watching the activity through my one-way mirror, and Da was already in the VIP area drinking what looked like a bottle of Jameson whiskey. It wasn't long before I joined him to show a good front for the tributes. I was relieved that Jasper and his wife didn't have to be there; she wasn't my favorite person. It was an anniversary of sorts for them, so Da let them go out for the night.

I felt my phone vibrate. When I looked down at it, a picture of Bella's Gen 4 popped up with a text.

Angela wants me to go with her to Twilight tonight. Thought I better warn you :)

I couldn't help but smile, forgetting who was with me. I was too busy thinking about what she could be wearing. I texted her back quickly, trying to keep the smile from being too wide on my face.

Taking a sip of his drink, Da asked, "Who are you communicating with that has given you such a smile?"

I shrugged my shoulders. "No one." I deleted the messages and put the phone back into my pocket.

"Tá mé fíor-tuirseach orm de do chuid shite."

I shrugged again, not giving a shit if he was getting mad. "I'm not doing anything."

"You are going to tell me who she is eventually," he murmured into his glass.

I sat back in my chair, ignoring his lingering threat. I should worry, but between what I'd been doing to keep her a secret and the fact that she was virtually untraceable, I knew it would be hard as fuck to really find her without her name and her face.

The first tribute of the night was the street gangsters on the east side. Anyone who ran business on our turf had to give us a cut, or we just took over and snuffed them out. I didn't mind the street gangs if they didn't start trouble for us; most of them were run by the family. It really was a non-issue, but every once in a while, a kid who wanted to make a name for himself… well, they remained nameless.

The night continued on. We had one of our more valuable servers working the VIP and eventually we had our accountant counting the money and making sure everything was in order. Benjamin was a good guy. Did what he was told and didn't ask questions.

Our server was Tanya, and she was always trying to get her claws dug into me. She was a good worker and brought in good crowds, but sometimes I wondered if she was worth the hassle. Da thought it was hilarious how forward she was with me. She had dyed blonde hair, a double D boob job, and talked with an indistinct accent. She was all fake and I wouldn't touch her with a ten-foot pole even before my girl had me by the balls.

I leaned against the railing of the VIP center, hoping that I would escape her notice. Suddenly, I could feel someone staring, and I just knew deep down my Bella was there.

I was about to turn around and try to spot her when I smelled way too much Chanel perfume.

"Hi, Eddie," Tanya greeted me, her voice like nails on a chalkboard. My body reacted instantly, everything shrinking as I pulled away from her.

"Tanya," I responded curtly.

"Oh, Eddie, you look tense, let me massage your shoulders." Tanya tried to put her hands on my shoulders, but before she could, someone with a thick Russian accent spoke up. The voice was one that I could pick out of a million.

"Eto mesto tak priyatno—oh, sorry, it's so nice here, you are owner, yes?" Her face was framed with her dark brown locks, her eyes highlighted with a smoky look. She was staring daggers at Tanya. The dress she was wearing hugged her curves perfectly.

I watched her walk further into the VIP area, noting that she let her hair fall in her face to hide it. I found myself right in front of her, taking her free hand. "I am the owner, who might you be, leanbh?"

She giggled, but her eyes were dilated as she looked at me. "Anya."

I rubbed her fingers and didn't let them go; I couldn't let her go. "I'm Edward, I'm glad you're enjoying your time here at Twilight."

Bella giggled more. "Yeah, it is so fun."

"Edward, we're done here. I'm heading home to your ma, talk to you tomorrow," Da addressed me, but he was focused on Bella. She faced away from him, tilting her head down and keeping her face hidden from him. I didn't think I could love her more than right then.

"Okay, Da," I answered him, my eyes never leaving Bella.

I led her to the dance floor in a state of bliss, and turned on after finding out my girl could speak four different languages. She had one arm wrapped around me; I never wanted to let her go. I wanted to tell her tonight how much she meant to me.

"Come home with me, leanbh."

"Okay," she whispered. "I need to get my clutch from the bartender and let Ang know."

I nodded, and she led us to the bar where Angela was already. I got a good look at the man standing next to her; Benjamin. Fuck! Our accountant for legal and illegal money. I couldn't let him say a fucking word.

"Bella," she squealed. "I was just looking for you, are you okay getting home?" Bella's friend all but slurred. Bella's eyes were on Benjamin, then me, and something clicked in her eyes.

"Boss," Benjamin greeted me. I didn't think I had ever wanted to punch Benjamin before, but I sure as fuck wanted to now.

"Oh, this is your boss, Ben?" Angela cheerfully smiled.

"Yeah, Twilight is one of mine." He looked down at his feet. Yeah, he better fucking look down. I needed to make sure he kept his mouth shut.

"Hi, I'm Angela, Ben's girlfriend and Bella's sister, best friend, all of the above." Angela chuckled.

"Edward." I held my hand out to shake. "Benjamin, could I see you in my office before you leave with Angela?" I kept a smile on my face, but all I could think of was getting Benjamin to keep his mouth shut to my father and everyone else. Bella could not be exposed.

"Of course," he quickly agreed.

I leaned down to Bella's ear. "I'll be back, leanbh."

Benjamin kept pace with me as we entered my office. I waited for the click of the door before using my height to intimidate him. "You will never speak of this to anyone. Bella doesn't fucking exist to you. Her name will never leave your lips. If it does, I will kill you slowly, and I mean, I will drag it out for days. You will beg for death, and I won't give it to you until I'm ready."

Benjamin was visibly shaken. "Yes, of course, boss." He met my eyes briefly before looking back to the floor.
"All right, I guess we have an evening with our ladies to get back to." I slapped him on the back as I exited my office.

I saw Bella hug Angela with a panicked look, but as they parted, she looked more at ease. If I had to guess, she was ensuring Angela would keep this under wraps. I felt a pang in my chest, and I clutched my hand there. Bella shouldn't have to do that. I wished I could show her off, claim her as mine.

"Ang, let's get going, babe." Benjamin took her hand, clearly about to drag her out of there. I heard Bella growl from her place next to me.

"Hey, there, suit man, I want to say goodbye." She snatched her friend up in a hug while glaring daggers at Benjamin. Good thing he kept his eyes where they belonged.

"Be safe, talk to you tomorrow."

"I will, babe." Angela walked away from us.

I wrapped my arm around my girl, wondering what the hell was up with Ben's nickname. "Suit man?"

"The guy is always wearing a fucking three-piece suit," she answered exasperatedly, almost sounding offended that someone would ever wear such a thing.

I chuckled. "Let's go, leanbh."

The drive was quiet back to my place. I'd never brought someone home before; it's too big of a risk, never knowing when someone might show up. But I had to do this for her. She deserved that and so much more. My driver pulled up in front of my building, and I got out to help Bella. She kept her face hidden from the driver's view as I told him to keep his mouth shut and gave him an incentive. We reached my floor, and I could tell she was nervous. Everything was changing that night; it was more than our secret meetings. I was going to give her the ring and confess my love to her.

"I'm surprised you invited me here," Bella mummered finally, tucking some hair behind her ear.

My heart was pounding against my chest as I put my fingers under her chin and made her look at me. "I want you here. I want you to know how much I care for you."

I wasn't able to wait anymore; I reached for the ring box, hearing her gasp. "I know that you deserve to be shown off and given the world. But maybe this will suffice."

A small chuckle escaped her, and I narrowed my eyes. I couldn't believe she was laughing at me handing her my balls, but she quickly started explaining. "I'm sorry, of course I'll wear it, but I find it funny that we're on the same wavelength."

She opened her clutch and pulled out a classic Claddagh ring. My heart swelled so much. I wanted her so much right then. "Mo ghrá thú."

My breath caught, and I knew my heart skipped. "Táim i ngrá leatsa freisin."

I slipped the ring onto her finger, placing it in the position of 'in a relationship', and she did the same with the one for me. Our kiss started out sweet and slowly moved to eager and passionate. My hands found her ass as she began to weave her fingers into my hair.

"Bedroom, dathúil," Bella moaned into my ear.

We were always on the same page. I swept my arm under her legs and carried her into my room, unable to keep my eyes away from her. I set her gently on the bed. I started kissing her lips, my hand reaching to pull down the strap of her dress and exposing her breasts. I brought my lips around her erect nipple, sucking it while my hand traveled south to her pussy which was wet and ready for me.

I looked at her then; her back was arched, her face flushed.

"You are so ready for me, grá."

"Yes, dathúil," she moaned.

Chaos was erupting inside me as everything that just happened came crashing down around me. Our eyes met as the elevator door shut and it's soul crushing. We both knew what had almost happened, and now, now my father would not let this go. He was already eyeing the ring she gave me.

The ding of the elevator going down jerked me out of the mess in my head, and I began to ask why. "What the hell is going on for you to be here at eight in the fucking morning?" I spit between my teeth, trying to keep my temper. My apartment was swarming with members of the protection detail and/or sweep team.

"It appears that little idea of yours to get exterminators to our warehouses worked. They came up fruitful, and it appears they have been there for a while, which is how some docks and warehouses have been raided," Da explained all of it with a no nonsense tone.

"We've taken care of it, and we have a lead waiting for us when you're ready," Marcus informed us.

"Get dressed, Edward, we have business to attend to." Da buttoned his suit jacket as he ordered me around
I walked back into my room and Bella's scent engulfed my senses. Our declarations echoed in my ears. I looked down at my hand; the Claddagh ring that Bella gave me burns my knuckle and my heart clenches. I needed to keep my head. I quickly grabbed some clothes and went back out to my waiting da.

I noticed my apartment was empty other than him.

He seemed older standing in the middle of my living room. His hair looked more white than blonde, his shoulders hunched just slightly, as if the weight of the world was on them, and his eyes were wrinkled at the corners. They were once a steely, crisp blue that were now dull and full of regret.

"Son, who gave you that ring?" His voice betrayed his frustration.

I froze on the spot, masking my face with indifference. "No one."

His head fell back and a ragged sigh escaped. "You didn't have it on last night, please tell me you are not with that Russian." He spit the word out of his mouth like it was tainted.

I couldn't help but smirk, because Bella was definitely not Russian. "I'm not with any Russian."

He walked closer to me. I kept my head high. "Then what is wrong with her that you won't bring her into the family?"

I wanted to punch my da at his comment. Something wrong with my leanbh, she is everything a don of a family would want in a wife and partner. She is smart, strong, and just thinking about how she uses a gun is getting me hard.

My anger causes me to slip. "Nothing is wrong with her."

His smirk was noticeable. "But there is someone, it can't be the girl who left here speaking perfect Russian, because I know you know better than that."

I turned away. "Don't we have shit we need to be doing?"

"I want to know who she is!" he shouted.

"She's everything, but I will never bring her around, because I will never risk her safety as you did with my mother!" I growled out, slamming my finger on the elevator button.

Tá mé fíor-tuirseach orm de do chuid shite~ I'm getting real tired of your shit
Fealltóir~ traitor
Dathúil~ handsome
Mo ghrá thú~ I love you
Táim i ngrá leatsa freisin~ I'm really in love with you too
Grá~ love
Eto mesto tak priyatno~ This place is so nice


  1. I just went to the gun range with my husband last Friday. I never feel used to it, no matter how many times we go.


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