Eala Chapter 7 Teaser

Even with my hands all over her and my hard cock rubbing on her ass, she still hit her targets dead on.

"You're lucky that I wasn't aiming for something serious." She straightened, turning her head to face me. Her brow was raised, daring me to say something.

I gripped her hips harder, bringing her closer to me. I put my lips up to her ear. "Even if this was a life or death situation, I know you wouldn't miss." I sucked on her ear lobe.

She moaned, leaning into me. "You're evil," she panted.

I snickered. "I am in the mafia."

She snorted, pulling away from me and beginning to break down her M24. "I'm surprised you came today," she said as she closed the case to her sniper rifle and then picked up her Glock.

"I don't think I'm going make it over tonight. Tributes, and all."

She raised her arms with her gun in hand. I saw her phone lying on the table, so I snatched it up and took a couple of pictures of her sexy ass shooting her Gen 4 Glock.

She was focused, and my Bella never missed.


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