Eala Chapter 6

Chapter 6

I felt feathery kisses being placed along my spine, and I couldn't contain my smile. I felt so blissfully happy. So unconditionally in love with the man slowly making his way south on my body. Last night was more than just our usually simple hard fuck. He was loving and kept telling me in great detail how much he loves me. I replied in kind using more than words.

"Leanbh, I know you're awake." His breath caused goose bumps along my skin.

I giggled into my pillow. "Mmm, I want to stay asleep if you plan on stopping."

"But we can do more fun things if you're awake," he purred against my skin.

My body arched on its own accord, and a moan escaped. "That does sound promising."

I turned to my back, looking at Edward; he was propped on his elbow, his eyes locked on me. He made me feel like the only woman in the world.

"I love you so much, leanbh." His declaration was like a warm blanket.

"I love you, too, dathúil." I ran my fingers through his hair. The air around us was charged with sexual tension.

"ED, MAN, WE GOT PROBLEMS!" a booming voice echoed throughout the apartment, bursting the bubble of electric current that was surrounding us.

I didn't think I'd ever seen a person move as quickly as my Edward did. His reaction caused me to get up and start grabbing my clothes.

"Fuck, fuck!" Edward growled, pulling at his hair and looking around his room like a wild man.

"ED!" the booming voice yelled again, but his voice was closer that time.

"WHAT!" Edward finally shouted from his room as I finished strapping my gun to my leg.

"We have bugs, man, Da's in the elevator now so get your shit together and get the entertainment out of here!"

I glared at the door, wishing I could shoot him for that remark. I heard Edward growl; I turned to him and his eyes were narrowed and his lips pressed into a thin line.

My brain yelled at me to get in action. I couldn't let these people see me. "Edward, do you have a hoodie that you don't care about?" I found my clutch and pulled out my celebrity-style sunglasses.

I turned to see Edward pulling out a grey, feminine Washington State sweatshirt. I couldn't help but snark, 
"Did someone leave that behind?"

His face tinged pink. "Yeah."

I really wanted to tease him about it, but time was of the essence. I took it from him and put it on over my dress, pulling the hood up and adding my sunglasses. I prepped myself by speaking Russian in my head.

Edward came over and pulled me tightly to him. "I love you, mo chroí, more than you'll ever know." His lips pressed against my forehead.

"YA lyublyu tebya, Edvard," I replied in my thick accent.

Edward growled, wrapping his hands tightly on my hips and pulling me into him. "That's so fucking sexy, grá."

I pecked his lips. "I'm going to babble in Russian, just keep trying to push me out, and don't show anyone you have feelings for me. And get ahold of me later," I instructed.

Edward crushed his lips to mine, sweeping his tongue along my lips, begging for entrance that I readily gave him. After a few moments of passion, we pulled apart. "I'll text when I can get over to you."

I nodded my head, putting some distance between us and resetting myself to be the Russian girl from last night. I let out a gust of air and whipped open the bedroom door so it hit the wall behind it. Not even paying attention to what spewed out of my mouth in Russian, I counted on whoever was waiting for us in the main room not speaking it. I never looked behind me, knowing that whatever face Edward was making could break my character.

I stomped down the hallway until I reached the main room, all the while hollering in Russian. I saw a burley guy and a skinny blonde, both of whom I recognized from the first time Edward was in my bar. Then, right there with blue eyes blazing, was Edward's dad.

"Cad atá fucking cearr leat?" he spit at Edward.

I found myself stopping in mid step and turning to Edward, who's shoulders were slumped in defeat, but his eyes were spitting fire. "Ní dhéanfaidh aon rud mícheart, d'inis tú dom spraoi a bheith agat. Bhí spraoi fucking agam," he growled back, his fists tight at his side. Yeah, we had fun.

"You never bring a whore back to your fucking place, get her the fuck out of here!" Carlisle barked, pointing to me.
My fingers twitched for my gun, but instead I gave a quick look to Edward; he was glaring at his father. "I'm no shlyukha," I cried in my thick accent. I wanted to slap the asshole, but I knew that would cause more trouble than it would be worth. I huffed and stormed to the elevator, aggressively pushing the button to leave. It quickly dinged and the doors slid open. I hit the button for the bottom floor, and as the doors closed I saw Edward's devastated eyes on me.

After everything we declared last night, for the first time I didn't even have him wear protection since I was on birth control. Tears threatened to fall; after everything, I was afraid getting caught was the end of us.

I kept myself hidden from the cameras as I got an Uber lined up. The first one to pick me up would take me to a parking garage on the other side of the city near the ferry, and from there I would get into another car to take me to the Northgate Mall. I would go inside and wait twenty minutes before ordering another Uber to take me home. The plan came quicker to me than breathing. I could just go straight home, but I wanted to make sure I wasn't being followed back to Eala. I didn't think Edward would be able to handle it if they figured out who I was.

Two hours later, there was still no text from Edward. I itched to text him, but I didn't want to risk it. I knew something was going down since his father showed up to his place at eight in the morning.

After a shower I found myself curled up on my couch clutching my phone, waiting for him to tell me everything was okay. I traced my ring, completely entranced by it. The placement on my finger brought up an almost forgotten memory.

Daddy was getting the guns lined up. Today's lesson was taking apart the gun and putting it back together. I was excited because he said if I did this really well I'd get my very own gun.

Feeling bored with waiting, I started to look through different drawers when I found a ring. It was silver with hands, a heart, and a crown over the heart. It looked different, and I liked it. I pulled it out and walked over to where my daddy was sitting.

"Daddy, what is this?" I showed him what I was holding in my hand.

Something flashed in Daddy's eyes and he smiled, but it was a sad one. He gently took it from my palm, twirling it between his thumb and forefinger. "This is a Claddagh ring. The two hands are clasped around a heart; the hands are a representation of friendship. The heart is a representation of love. And the crown is a representation of loyalty and fidelity." He pointed to the different details that made up the ring. "Now depending how you wear it, it tells people about the relationship the wearer is in. If you are single, you wear the ring on your right hand with the heart facing outwards. If you are in a committed relationship, you wear it on your right hand with the heart pointed inwards. Now, when you get engaged, you wear it on your left hand with the heart pointing outwards. And finally, when you are married, you wear it on your left hand with the heart facing inward." Daddy's voice was thick with emotion toward the end of his speech.

"Did Mommy give you this?" I wondered out loud.

I heard him sigh. "No, sweetie, this was my dad's; my mammy gave it to him. He gave it to me when I moved away."


"All right, let's get this lesson started."

I nodded and began to focus on his instructions intently, the ring forgotten.

The heart on my Claddagh was facing inwards on my right hand.

I needed a distraction. I texted Angela to see if she wanted to come over and chill before we started opening the bar. She quickly texted back saying yes.

It wasn't long before Angela was sitting next me, filling me in about her evening with suit man.
"He wants me to move in with him!" she squealed, bouncing up and down.

I couldn't help but smile at her excitement. "That's awesome, Ang."

"Bella, what's this?" She pulled my hand with the ring up to her face, raising her brow at me.

"It's a Claddagh ring." I slipped my hand out of hers.

"It beautiful," she murmured.

I nodded my head. "We said we loved each other. But the family almost caught us, and now I'm afraid it's over between us." The tears I had been holding back since I left his apartment finally fell.

I told her everything, knowing she wouldn't tell a soul. At the end she was holding me and telling me that everything would be okay, that everything would work itself out.

But the pit in my stomach told me something different.


leanbh~ baby
dathúil~ handsome
mo chroí~ my heart
grá~ love
Cad atá fucking cearr leat~ What's fucking wrong with you?
Ní dhéanfaidh aon rud mícheart, d'inis tú dom spraoi a bheith agat. Bhí spraoi fucking agam~ Nothing wrong, you told me to have fun. I had fucking fun.

YA lyublyu tebya, Edvard~ I love you, Edward


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