Eala Chapter 5

Chapter 5
A moss-covered log cabin was the last place I thought my dad would take me. It was a ten-mile jog through dense trees to get to, and it was easy to overlook and run right past like I almost did, until my dad yelled at me to stop. "What is this place, Dad?" I asked in awe.

"Repeat yourself in Russian," he demanded.

I huffed, "Chto eto za mesto, Papy?"

"Now Italian."

"Cos'è questo posto, Papà?" I knew before he asked, so I repeated the phrase one last time in Gaelic. "Cad é an áit seo, Daid?"

"Perfect, sweetheart. You're doing amazing; the accents are dead on. This is our safe house. I don't want to use it, but I'm worried our security has been compromised." His voice went from proud to serious.

I looked around and nodded.

"You come here if anything happens, Bella. You won't have to worry about anything, I have everything taken care of." Dad patted my back.

I felt numb at this information. "But nothing will happen, right, Dad?" I turned and faced him, the only person on this planet that I felt safe with.

He looked tired, with the weight of the world on his shoulders, but he was my hero. "I hope not, cailín leanbh."

I opened my eyes, taking in my surroundings. I breathed in, closing my eyes at the peace. Edward came clean to me last night.

He's a mafia prince. And because of what his family is, his mother was murdered much like my father. We talked until the sun started to rise. We talked about our childhoods, our dads, and his mom.

I began to smile, remembering the words he said before he left.

"You are my girl. I lied the other night. I just can't risk your life, Bella. I don't know how long we can make it work, but I want every minute of it. With you."

"I'll take it," I whispered against his lips.

Nothing that he told me bothered me. What bothered me was his last name; Cullen. Something deep inside me told me I knew it from somewhere.

I got up out of bed and began my routine. I went for a run, I hit the shooting range, and ended at the gym. I felt eyes on me when I started sparring with two guys. My eyes wandered around the room, and they set on some very intense green ones. I felt hands grabbing my arms; he must have thought I wasn't paying attention. I quickly knocked him on his ass and repeated for the second guy before calling it a day. I showered and changed quickly, making my way back to the reception area of the gym. As I walked over to an impatient Edward, the gym owner, Sam, stepped into my path with a wide grin.

I snorted, rolling my eyes. "Sam." He was of Native American descent with russet skin, six-foot-five and built like a shit-brick house. Every time I came in, he had a proposal for me.

"What if I give you co-ownership of the gym, and half the profits, to teach here." His rough voice tried to sound sweet.

"I told you before, I don't want to teach, big guy."

His head fell, shaking back and forth. "The things I've seen you do, people ask all the time if they could take the class you're teaching. I would love to actually give them what they want," he begged, his dark eyes meeting mine.

"No, Sam," I answered in a warning tone.

"Alright, alright. But I know I'll get you one of these days." He walked away, and as he did I saw Edward glaring, his fingers twitching.

I walked toward him, looking around and seeing nobody out of place.

"What does the madra want from you?" Edward sneered in Sam's direction.

I snorted. "The dog keeps trying to get me to teach classes here."

His eyes came back to mine, and he seemed to have calmed down a bit. "You are really good."

I nodded. "I told you my father basically trained me as a soldier in many ways. I try to keep up with it."

Edward stood and looked around. "I told my brothers I was here checking on something, so I can't stay too long. I wanted you to have my number, so we can text and keep in touch when I can't sneak over." He slipped a piece of paper in my hand.

"Okay." I smiled just a little. "You better go. I have shit I need to get to, anyway."

He smirked as he nodded his head and walked away.

I waited just a few minutes and headed out the door and home. I texted his number with a smiley face and put my phone away.


After two weeks of texting and talking, really talking to each other, I learned he has two brothers. Jasper, who is twenty-three, and Emmett, who is twenty-five. Both are married, which was shocking to me considering Jasper was so young. I decided to make us dinner, so we could have almost a proper date. I started making chicken alfredo with salad, and I grabbed some Chardonnay from downstairs to go with dinner.

I stared at the table that I put together. I had some flowers, candles, and the food and plates all set up. I never knew I had it in me to put together something as romantic as this.

I took out my phone and saw it was almost eleven; he said he would come hungry around eleven thirty. I changed my clothes into dark jeans and a nice pink blouse and I freshened up my makeup.

As I turned out the light, I heard him knock. A smile broke out on my face as I opened the door.

He stood on the other side, breathtaking. His hair was his usual disarray, and he was wearing a blue button up shirt with black jeans. Edward's eyes were taking me in as well, and our eyes finally met. Every bone in my body wanted to jump him, but I really wanted to eat and talk more.

Attempting to defuse the sexual tension that was beginning to rise, I teased him. "Are those Doc Martens on your feet?"

His head tilted back as he laughed. "Yeah, I thought if we were having an in-house date, maybe I would dress more date-worthy instead of mafia personified."

I shook my head at his ridiculousness and let him all the way in my apartment.

"How was your day, dathúil?" I asked, taking a seat at the table and waiting for him to sit before I served dinner.

"It was stressful," he answered with a sigh as he sat. "This looks amazing, leanbh." He gave me a loving look.

I couldn't help but blush at his compliment. "It was nothing." I waved him off as I began to serve dinner.

"Would you like some Chardonnay?"

"Yes." He held up his glass and I poured it to the top before pouring myself some.

"What has you stressed?" I asked, taking a sip of my wine.

Edward took a bite of food and moaned as he closed his eyes. "God. This is fucking amazing."

I snorted, but I could feel a little heat in my cheeks as I took my own bite of food.

"To answer your question, our shit keeps coming up short and fucking rats show up all the time. We have no idea how they hell they're getting their information." He inhaled more food.

I thought over his answer. I couldn't help but think of my father and the few times I had to go with him on jobs. "Have you swept your docks, your warehouses, even your boats? My dad used to put his cameras and listening devices in the oddest places. He told me it was because no one would think to look there or even think that they should worry about it." I took another bite of food and when I looked up Edward was giving me a confused look.

"What did your dad do?"

I shrugged my shoulders. "I'm not really certain. I only got to do surveillance with him. When he would finish the jobs I would stay at home on lock down until he got back. I would be naïve to think it was anything good."

He leaned back in the chair and took a drink. "Maybe I should get our guys to do some sweeps in the places you suggested. I'm worried we have a fealltóir." He put his glass down and ran his hand through his hair.

"You'll get it figured out, babe. If you ever need a sounding board, I'm always here," I told him soothingly.
He eyes burned into me. Three little words hung at the tip of my tongue, but I left them there as he grabbed me up in a hug.

I smiled at my phone; Edward took a picture of me at the shooting range when he managed to sneak off for an hour today. It'd been eleven months of sneaking around, mostly him sneaking into my apartment, but every once in a while, he would show up to where I was getting coffee, or the shooting range like he did yesterday.

He would text if he was coming over, so I would make a fancy dinner, making it feel like a date since we could never go out in public. He was very strict on that idea. No matter how many times he saw me with a gun or at the gym sparing, or the many times I planted him on his ass, he wasn't budging.
It was just a month away from one year since we met. I couldn't believe how time had flown; it helped that we could only see each other once or twice a week. But we would text like teenagers.

It was my monthly day off, and Angela begged me to go out with her to meet her boyfriend at Twilight. I knew I'd blown her off too much, choosing to spend my days off making dinner for Edward or having a movie night with him. Tonight, though, he was waiting for tributes to be dropped off at the club and wasn't sure what time he was going to be done. I thought I could really spend time with the only friend I had. With that thought process, I knew I'd better text Edward so I wouldn't blindside him when I showed up. I knew I couldn't approach him or act like I knew him.

"Bel-la," Angela sang from my living room, shaking me out of my head.

I barked out a laugh. She insisted that I dress up, so I'm wearing a little black dress, but I'm also armed in all my glory, and I kept with flats and a smoky eye look.

I grabbed my clutch and opened it, making sure I'd added the gift I wanted to give Edward if I had the chance. We'd been teetering toward saying I love you for the last two months. This night, if I got the chance, I was going to say it and then give him my dad's Claddagh ring. It was simple silver, but it spoke volumes. I shut my clutch, knowing I'd better get my ass moving.

"Bitch, I'm coming." I walked out of my bathroom and found Angela dressed in a little red number with her hair curled to frame her face.

"Bitch, I better be tonight," she cackled, and I couldn't help but join in.

"Let's get going, then." I lead us out of the apartment and to the Uber that was waiting for us.

The guy opened the door for us and couldn't keep his eyes from wandering. And then they landed right on my breasts. "Súile suas anseo, asshole," I spit as I motioned my fingers to my eyes.

The young guy went red and started apologizing before he shut the door and got in the driver seat.
"What did you say to him?" Angela giggled.

"Nothing much." I shrugged, giggling back. I felt my phone buzz, so I grabbed it and read the screen. Dathúil. My face started hurting from the giant smile. I can't wait to see you, I'm going to have to sneak a dance with you if I can get away from Da.

"Wow, Bella, can you smile any bigger?" Angela snarked.

I rolled my eyes. "Like you're any better with suit man."

"Ben, his name is Ben," Angela corrected me for the millionth time. I couldn't help but get a rise out of her.
"Okay, Ang." I stuck my tongue out at her.

We could hear the music blaring from the sidewalk as we pulled up to the curb. The guy jumped out and opened the door for us to get out, keeping his eyes to the ground. I couldn't help but smirk. Angela and I linked arms, and the bouncer let us in quickly. We found our way to the bar where suit man was waiting for Angela.

He was leaning against the bar sipping on a Guinness. He was about my height, with a runner's build and wearing what I nicknamed him after.

"Ben," Angela purred, walking up to him.

I gazed around, looking at the different bouncers and other security. It was obvious it was a drop night because there wasn't as big a crowd for a Saturday, but lots of 'bouncers'.

"This is my boss, best friend, and sister, Bella," Angela managed to introduce me properly this time.

I looked over; he had his hand out, so I took it, giving him a nice squeeze. "Yeah, she's the only family I have." My tone was mildly threatening, and his eyes widened in understanding.

"Let's dance." Angela's voice was happy, and I couldn't help but smile.

I looked around, seeing green eyes watching me from the VIP section. "You two go, I'm just going to hang here and drink a bit."

"Okay," she sang, dragging her suit man with her and his eyes were all for my girl.

I gazed back to the VIP area where I saw Edward leaning against the railing, a tall blonde hanging on his arm. I couldn't see his face, but his body was angled away from her.

I ordered myself a girly drink and asked the bartender to hold my clutch until I came back, and she took it with a smile. Taking a deep breath, I pictured myself as a Russian tourist… and walked up the steps to VIP.

"How would you get into there?" Dad pointed to an apartment building.

He decided to take me with him on a job in Seattle. I was so excited to help.

"Fócas, cailín leanbh." My father's stern voice stopped my bouncing.

"Sorry." I looked at the building, noting there wasn't any security, but lots of loitering. "Looks like anyone can come and go. Maybe just walk right in?" I turned and looked at Dad.

"What could happen if we walk in like we are?"

I bit my bottom lip. "People would be able to identify us, so we should disguise ourselves."

"Yes, you always, always want to make it difficult for someone to identify you."

I smiled with the fond memory of my dad. That day was awesome; I got to help him set up cameras and no one was the wiser.

I made my way up the steps, sipping on the drink. My eyes roamed around the space and my eyes landed on my man who looked very uncomfortable with the blonde fraochÚn.

"Oh, Eddie, you look tense, let me massage your shoulders." The slut tried to move her hands to his shoulders.

"Eto mesto tak priyatno—oh, sorry, it's so nice here, you are owner, yes?" I spoke in a thick Russian accent. I tried to keep most of my hair in my face to keep it partially hidden.

Edward's head whipped to mine and his eyes widened as he took me in. He moved away from the fraochÚn and walked toward me, his eyes darkening as he got closer to me. "I am the owner, who might you be, leanbh?" He took my free hand and brought it up to his lips.

I giggled, but on the inside, I swooned at the sight of him. His jaw was covered with a five o'clock shadow, his hair was sticking up everywhere. He was wearing blue slacks and a white shirt with a few buttons undone and a blue jacket over it.

"Anya," I continued with my thick Russian accent.

He didn't let my hand go, and rubbed his thumb across my fingers. "I'm Edward, I'm glad you're enjoying your time here at Twilight." His voice went straight between my legs.

I giggled again, "Yeah, it is so fun."

"Edward, we're done here. I'm heading home to your ma, talk to you tomorrow." An older gentleman started talking to Edward. He was lean, with blonde hair and sharp blue eyes that seemed to land on me as he talked with Edward. I turned my face away so he couldn't study it too much; so he couldn't identify me later for any reason.

"Okay, Da." Edward never took his eyes off me.

I watched as his dad left with two other men, all armed to the teeth.

"Dance with me, leanbh." He pulled me away and kept my hand in his all the way to the dance floor.
He grabbed my hips, I put my free arm on his shoulder, and we started swaying and grinding.

"Russian, leanbh?" Edward asked in my ear.

"I know Russian, Italian, Gaelic, and even some Spanish." I pulled away, smirking.

His slid his leg in between mine, and I bit back my moan as I started to grind on it. He nibbled my ear lobe. "That's so fucking sexy."

I snorted and put my head on his chest
"Come home with me, leanbh." I jerked my head up to meet his eyes.

"Okay," I whispered. "I need to get my clutch from the bartender and let Ang know."

He nodded his head and followed me to the bar. I found myself in luck when I saw Angela and suit man at the bar.

"Bella," she squealed. "I was just looking for you, are you okay getting home?" Her eyes widened when she saw who I was with. I looked over my shoulder, and Edward's face was hard. I looked back to see what he was looking at, and it was suit man; and suit man's face looked ashen.

"Boss," suit guy greeted Edward.


"Oh, this is your boss, Ben?" Angela cheerfully smiled.

"Yeah, Twilight is one of mine." He looked down at his feet.

"Hi, I'm Angela, Ben's girlfriend and Bella's sister, best friend, all of the above." She chuckled at herself.

"Edward." He put his hand out for her to take. She did so, giggling.

"Benjamin, could I see you in my office before you leave with Angela?" His voice was stiff, even if he was wearing a smile.

"Of course," Ben's voice was shaky.

Edward leaned down, his breath tickling my ear. "I'll be back, leanbh."

I nodded and watched them walk away before I turned back to Angela. "You can never speak about this to anyone, ever, Angela, promise me!" I grabbed her hands, praying she wasn't as drunk as she was acting.

Her brown eyes widened. "I promise, Bella. You're scaring me, is everything okay?"

I let out a shaky breath. "Yes, everything's fine, we just can't let anyone know."

"Okay, hun, I can keep it a secret." She brought me into a hug.

I relished it for just a moment, then I pulled away to see Edward and suit man walking back to us. I waved the bartender down and grabbed my clutch from her so that when Edward reached me I'd be ready.

"Ang, let's get going, babe." Ben took her hand, all but dragging her away, causing me to growl.

"Hey, there, suit man, I want to say goodbye." I grabbed Angela to hug her.

"Be safe, talk to you tomorrow," I said in her ear, glaring at him. He gulped and dropped his eyes to the floor.

"I will, babe." She let me go and walked away with suit man.

Edward wrapped his arm around my shoulder. "Suit man?" He gave me a funny look.

I nodded. "The guy is always wearing a fucking three-piece suit."

He chuckled. "Let's go, leanbh."

He escorted me out of the club to a black Escalade, and I tilted my face down and let my hair cover my face as he gave his driver instructions. Edward helped me into the vehicle like a true gentleman, sitting next to me and tucking me into his side. I kept my face hidden, leaning on his chest and breathing in his scent; whiskey, smoke, and something that I couldn't put my finger on, but it was all Edward.

I felt his fingers making patterns on my skin and his lips pressed to the top of my head. My heart thumped against my chest at the realization we were going to his place. A place that I had never been to. I started nibbling my bottom lip; when we got to his place I was going to tell him that I love him and hoped that he would accept my father's ring.

The car stopped, and the door of the Escalade opened. Edward slid out first and held his hand out to help me out. I kept my head down so my hair covered my face. I missed the words being passed between Edward and the driver, just focusing on the electric feeling engulfing my body. I followed Edward's lead as we entered the building; it was high-end, high-security.

And of course, he hit the button for the top floor.

The air around us seemed to thicken as we got closer to his apartment, and I was pretty sure my heart was in my throat when the elevator doors opened right into his living room.

He guided me further into his place.

"I'm surprised you invited me here," I murmured, tucking some of my hair behind my ear.

Edward placed his hand under my chin and tilted my head up to look at my face. "I want you here. I want you to know how much I care for you."

I watched him reach into his jacket and pull out a box. I couldn't help but gasp, bringing my hands to my mouth.
He cleared his throat. "I know that you deserve to be shown off and given the world. But maybe this will suffice." He opened the box, and sitting on a small pillow was a gorgeous silver Claddagh ring with green gemstones.

I let out a little laugh and Edward narrowed his eyes. "I'm sorry, of course I'll wear it, but I find it funny that we're on the same wavelength." I opened my clutch and pulled out my dad's ring, showing it to Edward.
His lips curved up, his eyes smoldering. "Mo ghrá thú."

My breath caught, and I knew my heart skipped. "Táim i ngrá leatsa freisin."

He slipped the ring on my finger, and I did the same with his. Our kiss started out sweet and slowly moved to eager and passionate. His hands found my ass and my fingers weaved into his hair.

"Bedroom, dathúil," I moaned into his ear.

He swept me up into his arms and took me into his bedroom.
cailín leanbh ~ baby girl
madra ~ dog
fealltóir ~ traitor
Súile suas anseo, asshole Eyes up here, asshole
Dathúil~ handsome
Fócas, cailín leanbh Focus, baby girl
fraochÚn~ whore
Mo ghrá thú I love you
Táim i ngrá leatsa freisin I'm really in love with you too
Eto mesto tak priyatno ~ This place is so nice


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