What's Love? Ch 3

Chapter 3
Bella POV

Three months went by quicker than I would have liked. My mother outright refused her medication. I tried forcing her, but she put her fingers down her throat and puked them back up.

Without her medication, her reign of terror was just that. I was not allowed to leave the house. She would leave me there to go out, with no clue where she'd gone. I just did my school work and attempted to keep the house in order. Renee hadn’t even asked what was left for us after Dad died. It wasn’t too much, but it was enough to keep us afloat. With my investments and keeping up with stocks and trades I have more than quadrupled that in two months, helping us live more comfortably.
The frequency of her leaving was increasing; she would leave and not return until late into the night. It started out as once, maybe twice a week, but then it was an everyday occurrence. I tried to get her to tell me where she was going, only to be angrily reminded that she was the parent and I was the child. She didn’t need to inform me of anything.

With Christmas fast approaching, and the fact that my mother wasn’t home for Thanksgiving to celebrate with me, I was hoping to trap her with gifts. Because I was afraid to leave and have Renee find out, I did everything online.
At one point, I found myself looking at fishing gear that my dad would have loved. I felt the emptiness, knowing that he wasn’t here and he wouldn’t be opening gifts.

I heard the front door open and Renee’s footsteps fumbled into the kitchen where I was sitting at my laptop.

“Mom, are you okay?” I looked her over. Her clothes were disarrayed, eyes dilated, and her arms had needle marks. I felt bile rising into my throat.

“What the hell did I tell you? I am the mother, I ask the questions.” Her speech was slurred, and she held onto the wall for support.

“Fine, but I know you’re high. I’ll get you to bed, but you’re going to get off that stuff. I could be taken away! I can’t be emancipated until at least 16, so do me a favor and just get your crap together ‘til then.” I sounded harsh, but I just wanted to hide. I lost both my parents. I could feel myself building walls up trying to protect myself from the pain.

“You little bitch,” she swung at me, but I backed up from her as she fell to the floor. I ran up to my room and hid the rest of the night.

Present Day

“Hey, Jasper,” I answer, my voice giving away my weakness.

“Bells, what’s the matter?” His concern is evident.

I sigh, having no idea where to start. “I’m tired, Jazz.” I rub my face and fall back on the king sized bed.

“You’ve been on the run since you were 16, you’ve been doing these cons once you turned 18. You’ve been doing online courses in law, psychology, computer engineering, networking; you even dabbled in a medical degree. I would think a crash was bound to hit you. I’m surprised it took this long, Bells.” He has always told me how it is since I met him.

“Yeah, I just... it was different this time for me. I really thought, ugh...” I let out a frustrated sigh.

“Thought what?”

“I thought he was different. I let myself fall for the con. I just want to settle down.”

“You know I moved to Forks with Alice.”

“I know, how is it there?”

“It’s nice. It has just enough city life to keep us content, yet it doesn’t have the crime rates and horrible traffic of Seattle,” he chuckles.

“It’s nice being on the same wave length. My dad’s house is still in my possession. I thought maybe I should come home.” It’s time to go home. I have my masters in psychology. I have my license to practice law. And I have computer patents. I really don’t need to be here in New York anymore. There isn’t anything here. At least in Forks I would be with the only family I have, Jasper.

“I’m just a few blocks from the Chief’s place. Ship your stuff here and I’ll take care of it.”

“Thank you, Jazz. Do you think Alice would mind if I crash with you guys ‘til I get the house ready for me to live there? It’s been almost 10 years since I was there.”

I hear Jasper yell for Alice, asking her if it would be okay. I hear her tinkling laugh, then she says Jasper's family is always welcome to crash with them.

“You heard the little lady,” he laughs into the phone.

“Does she know about our history?” I ask. I don’t want there to be anything hiding between us. I am not ashamed of what happen. He is my brother in almost every way.

“I have no secrets from her, Bella. She knows, and she isn’t threatened. Alice understands what it was.” His voice is gentle, but I can hear the guilt behind it.

“I guess I’ll see you next week. My stuff will start arriving in the next couple of days. Thank you, Jasper, and thank Alice for me. I would be worse off if it wasn’t for you.”

The phone call gives me more motivation to get what I want packed and make the arrangements to get it shipped out tomorrow.
I am going home to Forks. Where my dad died, and Renee also. I haven’t stepped foot in that town since Child Services pulled me out. I hope I’m ready.


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