What's Love? Ch 22

Chapter 22


I didn’t know how complete life could be until I got to wake up with Edward every morning and begin and end our days together.

We’re halfway through July, and I’m putting a party together for Edward's birthday. Of course, Miah and I are the forefront of the show, but we’re so clueless that Esme, Alice and Rose have to help us so we don’t go crazy. Lately all I‘ve been doing is spending ridiculous amounts of money on Edward and Miah. Well, if I’m going to be completely honest, I’m spending money on everyone. And when I’m not spending money, I’m having sex with Edward. At one point, there was chocolate syrup and whipped cream involved. He just lets me do whatever I want and always tells me he loves me.

I also divided Charlie into numerous programs, one for security, one for Miah, and the original. But now Edward also has control of it. I‘ve been in such bliss that James is entirely forgotten, I even had Charlie stop facial recognition searches to see if he’s been in the area.  

Smiling wide as I watch Edward chase Miah around outside, I take the opportunity to figure out what I should get Edward for his birthday that he can open around our family. The gift I‘m giving him in private is sex in his tattoo shop. I’ve paid all the other guys off to have the shop empty come Friday. Then the barbeque for the family and friends is Saturday.

Edward brings Miah in on his shoulders. “Babe.” Edward leans in and kisses me. He helps Miah climb down off his shoulders. “I have an appointment at the shop today, I better get going.”

“Is it just the one, or more?” I continue to stare at this amazing man, knowing he’s all mine.

“Two; one is a fourth session and the other is a two hour one. Nothing too bad, but I probably won’t be back for dinner, though. Sorry, baby.” He comes over and gives me tongue action making my stomach go into knots with anticipation.

Finally, I get my words together after that kiss. “That’s okay, Edward, I think Miah and I are going to go shopping. We’ll get something while we’re out. Should we grab you something, or will you do it on your way home?”

“I’ll grab something on my way home. And you, my two favorite ladies, have fun.” Again he gives me a kiss and then hugs Miah before heading out the door.

“You guys kiss a lot,” Miah states plainly. “Why are we going to the mall, Bella?” She follows up her question by staring at me with her father’s eyes.

“I want to look for a gift for your dad. And I thought it would be fun, better than to be stuck in the house all day. We have a bad habit of that.” I start packing my purse with stuff that we might need. Miah and I are both homebodies that love working on code. I sometimes can’t believe how much Miah wants to be like me. I try to get her to find her own niche, but I can’t help but love that she looks up to me so much.

“Oh! I need to find him something, too.” Miah grabs my hand and off to Austin Mall we go.

Miah and I are having an absolute blast. We both found perfect gifts for our number one guy. Even though we’re having so much fun, I can’t help the sinking feeling that something bad is about to happen.

The logical part of me knows it’s most likely because I’m so happy, and when I’m happy, something goes wrong in my life. I still can’t shake the feeling. I keep Miah close to me as we leave the mall. The hairs on the back of neck begin rise and my pulse begins to race. There isn’t anyone else around in the dark parking lot.
All I hear is mine and Miah's footsteps hitting the pavement. I hold my breath, waiting for the shoe to drop. I squeeze Miah’s hands too tightly.

“Bella, you’re starting to hurt my hand!” She tries to get me to let go. I see the car, but can’t move towards it. Something bad is about to happen.

Bella!” Miah screams my name as I feel her hand get torn out of mine. Before I can try to grab her, a nasty rag is put over my mouth and the darkness takes me.
A rotten egg smell enters my subconscious, causing me to flinch. I try to raise my hand to my face but I find it stuck to something hard. My brain is trying to catch up with itself. I finally manage to get my eyes open and they meet Miah’s reddened green eyes. She looks terrified with tears streaming down her face.

“Bella, you have to stay awake, please. I’m so scared.” Miah tries to keep her voice down but she lets out a cry at the end.

My head finally clears and floods with memories of recent events. We’ve been kidnapped.

“It’s going to be okay, Miah. I’m not going to let anything bad happen to you, sweetheart.” I keep my voice strong and confident for Miah, but on the inside I’m freaking out and want to cry. Every one of my fears are coming back to life. My wrists throb, I’m sweating out of every pore, and random memories are popping into my head.

“Don’t make promises you can’t keep, Bella.” His voice sends tremors down my spine, forcing me to close my eyes.

“Tsk, tsk, keep those eyes open. I want you to see everything.” I can’t help but let a sob out as I open my eyes to see steely blue eyes staring back at me. He looks so unwell, eyes sunken in and almost yellow around the pupils. James is unhinged. I feel even that is an understatement.

“James, what are you doing?” My voice is shaking. I’m trying to stay strong for Miah. I need be calculating. I must give him what he wants in exchange for letting her free.

“Hi, darling, did you miss me? I certainly missed you.” He presses his lips to mine. My stomach turns in repulsion. But I keep myself from letting my stomach contents come up and all over him.

“Why are you doing this?” Miah cries from her chair.

“Bella is mine, not your bastard father’s.” His voice is laced with so much venom towards her.

I see red, because that’s my daughter, I don’t care if I didn’t give birth to her. I lift the chair with me as I lunge towards James but I fall on my face before I reach him.

“Don’t you dare talk to her that way! This is between me and you, James, leave her out of this!” I scream at him while struggling against the chair. I feel myself get yanked up and his face is right in front of mine, looking positively livid.

No! That’s where you are wrong. You aren’t with me because of her, and that man she calls her father. You left me to play mommy to her and to fuck her daddy.”

My face is burning from my fall. “James, let her go, please. I’ll do whatever you want, okay?” I put sincerity into my voice with a bit of begging.

His eyes close and he pushes air out of his nose right into my face, causing me to cough. “Anything, my queen?”


He chuckles in my face, “You would say that to save her, because you love her more than me. You love him more than me. I must teach you and him a lesson.” He leans into my ear. “You belong to me.” He pulls back and stares at me with a look of conviction.

I start laughing. “You dumb fuck.” Thanks to quick thinking on my part, I know what he wants and I know what I need to do. Please let this work.

“Why are you laughing?” James hisses at me.

“I don’t love them, I’m using her to get to Edward. I need his family for one of my cons. I fucking hate the lot of them. They are so emotional and clingy.”

He looks like he’s contemplating what I’m saying.

“Look, let the little bitch go so you won’t get charged with anything further. I’ll get you off the kidnapping easily. Then me and you will go wherever you want. You’re right, James, I do love you. I just didn’t realize that you love me this much. If I did, I wouldn’t have ever left.” My voice is sultry, trying to seduce him in my mind game. I must get him to believe me and pray that Miah and Edward will forgive me someday.

He leans in close, but I don’t know what he’s thinking until he smiles wide. “I knew it. I knew you wanted me. Playing hard to get, my Bella.” He unties me quickly and then plunges his tongue into my mouth. I kiss him back to play my part.

“Now, James my love, let’s let the little girl go so we can reconnect.” I rub against him, shutting down and trying not to let my emotions come through. I really want to kill him, but I must get Miah out of here first.

“Of course, Bella.” He kisses me again, then he grabs a gun out of his waistband and points it at Miah.

Before he can pull the trigger, I lunge for the gun, pulling it against me.
“You’re a lying bitch!” James screeches at me, trying to pull the gun away.

A loud bang goes off and a searing pain shoots through my chest, but I manage to get the gun into my hands.

“Bella!” Miah cries at me.

James is still on the ground, scrambling to get up.

“Miah sweetheart, don’t look,” I call out to her as I pull the trigger on James.

I watch him stop moving. Keeping the gun with me and letting the adrenaline keep me moving, I untie Miah.

“There’s so much blood, Mom.” She grabs my shirt, trying to put pressure on the wound.

“Oh sweetie, I love you. I’m so sorry.”

Mom!“ is the last thing I hear before falling into the painful darkness.


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