What's Love? Ch 20

Chapter 20

I wake up to the smell of bacon. I peek my eyes open to see that Edward is no longer in bed with me. I can’t help but feel confused. What the hell was I thinking last night? I sit up, looking around my room, seeing Edward's shirt and pants still on the floor. I smile, knowing he really didn’t leave after last night. I remember the nightmare and kissing him. I bring my fingers to my lips, remembering how good it felt to make out with Edward.
I get out of bed and put my hair in a messy bun, trekking down to the kitchen where the sight before me makes me freeze. I know I’m drooling.

Edward is cooking breakfast in nothing but his boxers. His hair is every which way, with a smile on his face as he sings to himself.
“Shake it off, shake it off.” He continues to hum, not realizing I’m watching him from the doorway.

I watch him for a few more minutes before I get his attention. His face breaks into a beautiful smile.

“How long have you been standing there?” He gives me a kiss.

“Not too long, just admiring the view.” I giggle, still watching him trying not to get splattered with grease from the bacon. “I thought you couldn’t cook.” I take a seat at the table.

“I can cook, just very few items. Eggs, bacon, and pancakes.” I watch him flip pancakes as he ticks them off.

“Mmm,” I hum in response. I can’t help but admire my boyfriend, and let my thoughts go to the gutter. I just want to bite is ass, lick chocolate syrup off his perfectly sculpted chest...

“Stop looking at me like that,” he chuckles while setting some plates down on the table.

“Like what?” I reply defensively.

“Like you want to fuck me, then eat me.” He sits down, raising his eyebrow at me. Daring me to contradict him.

“Maybe I do.” I smile, raising my own eyebrow at him while grabbing a plate of food.  

He lets out a loud laugh as he grabs some food for himself.
While we eat, we talk about our schedule for the week and possible plans. He has a few clients with Cullen Construction and even more at the tattoo shop.
“What are you going to be up to?”

“I got a case that Janice wants me to look at to give her some ideas. I’m working on a prototype medical program that I want to do some research for. And I’m also writing some proposals for the high school. They gave me the counselor position, so now I have to write down my plans and the ideas I have.” I take a drink of my coffee.

“Jesus, will you have time for Miah to be here?”

I look at him, confused. “Yes, I thought the medical research she would like to do with me. I also know that the case for Janice will take no more than a few hours. Everything else I have awhile to complete, I just like to get it started and mostly finished so I won’t have to rush.”

“Oh, okay, sorry. It just seems like a lot of work, I wouldn’t want Miah to interrupt you or anything.” He gives me a sheepish grin.

“What? Miah could never get in my way. I love having her around here, I don’t feel as lonely. Charlie is nice and all, but he’s just an AI, a computer program.” I stare at the spot where Miah usually sits when we have meals together. I can’t help but miss her presence.

“Let’s get dressed and get our girl.” Edward gets up, reaching for my hand. I giggle as I give it to him.

I can’t help myself, the moment we get into my room I push him down on the bed. “I’ve been thinking about this since I first saw you.”

Edward's eyes grow wide as I begin to lick the tattoos on his chest and trace them with my tongue.

“Jesus,” Edward groans as he laces his hands together on my ass. “I thought we were going to wait,” he hisses as I make it to his nipple.

I lean up with a huge smile. “We are, but seriously, I’ve been wanting to lick your tattoos since I saw them the first time.”

“Really?” Edward starts chuckling, moving me off him so he can get dressed. I sigh and follow suit.

We’re holding hands and giggling going up the walkway to his parents’ house. I feel so blissfully happy. Out the corner of my eye I think I see James. I stop and turn my whole body to look, but the guy walks away before I can confirm it. I quickly take out my phone and bring up Charlie, immediately telling him to scan the area for James.

“Bella, what’s wrong?” Edward pulls me to look at him. His face is full of concern.

“Sorry, I just thought...” I look past him, but this time I don’t see anyone out of place.

“Thought what?”

“Nothing, sorry, I’m just seeing shit.” I lean up and capture his lips with mine.

“Don’t try and distract me, Bella. I saw you typing shit to Charlie.” He keeps looking directly into my eyes.

I sigh, “I thought I saw James, out of paranoia. I’m having Charlie sweep the area to see if I’m crazy, or if he is.” I can’t help but bring my eyes away from his. I don’t want him to freak out, I don’t want to hear lectures about safety and going to the cops.

“Shit, Bella.’” Edward smashes me into a hug.

“It’s fine, Edward, I’m sure it’s nothing.” I take a big breath, letting it out shakily.

“You’ll tell me if anything is off, right? You and me, we’re in this together. I’m beside you, no matter what.”

I nod, my head in his chest. “I will, I’ll tell you if anything comes up.”

He nods, too, and lets me go.

After grabbing Miah and having lunch with Esme, we go back to my house. I feel complete with them here. That’s when the most amazing, absurd idea comes to me. I need Emmett and Esme’s help.

I call Esme and Emmett, letting them in on my plan. Esme squeals, just like Alice does, and Emmett laughs and says, “It's about damn time, you and Edward are perfect for each other.”

The hardest part of this is not letting Edward and Miah find out what I’m up to. Especially since Miah isn’t in school anymore and is with me all the time.

But once Esme and Emmett and I get together in secret, while Miah is shopping with Alice and Edward is out on a project for Emmett, we quickly get the ideas set and figure that it would take a weekend to fix the spare bedroom for Miah. I give Esme everything I want done to her room. After next weekend, I’ll be asking for Edward and Miah to move in with me, to become our own little family. 


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