What's Love? Ch 16

Chapter 16
Edward POV

She was fourteen and everything I dreamed about. Chocolate brown eyes, wavy mahogany hair, and the fullest lips I just wanted to kiss and never stop. Fourteen! I wanted to get to know Isabella more, but fate is a fickle bitch and her father was killed. She became a recluse in her own home. It was said that her mother didn’t want her around anyone that could deter her daughter away from the gift God gave her. I think she was just fucking crazy.

It was a few months later that Isabella was taken from her mom. There are different stories as to why she was taken, but my dream girl was gone and I didn’t even get to know her to claim her as mine.

My siblings were golden children. Alice was all fashion and every girl loved her, and my brother was the prom king with the prom queen as his girl. Me, I maintained good grades but I partied and fucked every girl that allowed me to. I wasn’t the settle down type. I just wanted to live the fast-lane life.
There were many close calls with the law and STIs, but I just didn’t care. My sister tried to help. I think she knew I just didn’t feel like I could meet anyone that could catch my attention as one chocolate eyed girl had. No woman had.

My sophomore year in college, I met Irina. Irina and I had only one thing in common, and that was tattoos. She came into the shop where I had my apprenticeship, looking like something out of a dirty ink magazine. Her long bleached blonde hair was put up in a messy bun, she had gauges in her ears, and her shirt didn’t cover her belly piercing and rib tattoos. She had one sleeve completely done. I heard her talking to Dave about getting her other started with a theme she had in mind. Her eyes met mine across the shop. I instantly had a lust for her, and the smirk she gave me as she ran her pierced tongue along her bottom lip told me she had the same ideas.

Our one night stand lasted two months. She was always doing drugs and drinking. Irina didn’t care about anything, not even herself. I cared about her, but not enough to really want to help her. We parted amicably; we both knew this was just for fun. Of course, we had one last hook up and we were both trashed when we had sex. It never registered that we weren’t protected. It was eight weeks later that she came to my apartment as I was about to leave for work. She was very haggard looking and red faced. Irina was crying and not making sense until I heard the words baby and abortion.

“You’re pregnant?” I asked for clarification.

“Yes, dumb ass. I just wanted you to know before I take care of it.” She wiped away the tears roughly, making her cheeks even redder.

My baby, my heart soared. It’s not good timing, and not who I would want a baby with, but I wanted my child.

“Irina, come in, please, and let’s talk about this.” I shuffled her in. “You want some water or soda?” I offered, trying to figure out what to say to her.

“Water would be good, thank you, Edward.” She seemed more calm as she took a spot on my couch.

I handed her a water bottle and sat next to her. “What can I do to convince you to keep the baby?” I felt very vulnerable. She held all the cards. I didn’t want her to feel like I was forcing her, I knew she didn’t have good memories of her childhood.

“Edward, I never want to be a mother. I will not be a good one. I was on birth control. I have no idea how this happened. I can’t do this, Edward.”

“You don’t have to take the baby. I’ll do everything. I’ll pay for everything and when the time comes, I’ll take custody. You won't have to take any responsibility, Irina.” I took her hands into mine, making eye contact with her. I could see how scared she was, no, terrified.

She closed her eyes. “Okay, but I want everything in writing that you won’t come back and try to get me to pay child support or whatever. I want to be able to live my life as if I was never pregnant.”

I nodded my head. “Thank you, Irina, I’ll get a lawyer and get it written up.”

She came to live with me in the spare room. She quit the drinking and drugs to make sure the baby was healthy. I really had no idea why she thought she would be a terrible mom because she was all about this pregnancy. Taking classes and telling me all kinds of baby facts, getting books that we would read together when I wasn’t at school or the shop. My parents and siblings were upset with the arrangement, but they supported us all the same.

The day my little girl was born was the greatest day that God could have given me; Irina was amazing. I really thought the arrangement was not going to happen after all.

“I signed the papers, Edward. Once they release me I'll pack everything and be gone.” She wouldn’t look me in the eyes.

“I thought you'd changed your mind with everything. ” I paused, not sure what had happened.

“No, I can’t be a mother, Edward. I’m a bad person, so please, just take care of her.” Irina had tears trickling down her cheeks.

I never saw Irina again after she left the hospital.

Miah Elizabeth Cullen was my everything, but it was extremely hard being a single father. She made it worth every struggle, of course.

My parents and siblings were the best support system I could have ever asked for. I changed my life completely around for my daughter. I graduated with honors, and quickly got my own tattoo shop and Emmett's and my construction company up and going.

When Miah turned two, she was so advanced that I knew she was special. It was Alice’s new boyfriend that suggested that I get her tested and into the right programs. Jasper was an interesting addition to our family. He always talked about Bella, his sister. The only family he had that he’d found in the foster care system. Alice knew more about how and why, but said that was Jasper and Bella’s story to tell.

For Miah’s fifth birthday she wanted to go camping. She wanted to experience something she had been reading about in one of her classes. My girlfriend Tanya said she couldn’t go, but the rest of my family was all about it.  

That was when I got some firsthand experience on what Jasper went through.

“BELLA!” His screams woke everyone up and had us running to his and Alice’s tent. He was still shouting his sister's name, and the whole tent was shaking. My dad was trying to get Alice out but she was screaming and trying to help calm Jasper down.

“Jasper, it’s just a dream! Bella is fine.” My sister used the smoothest voice I'd ever heard from her.

“I have to call her, please, I have to hear that she’s okay!” His voice was shaking.

I watched as Alice dialed Bella’s number and Jasper began to talk to her. She quickly calmed him down and then she talked to Alice for a minute asking what changed, if anything was happening.
I wanted more answers to what the hell was wrong with Jasper and why he screaming for his sister. But I never got those answers, because I had to tend to Miah and tell her that her soon to be uncle was having nightmares at twenty-six years old.

When morning arrived, they didn’t acknowledge that it happened. They talked and laughed like nothing was wrong. I attempted to bring it up, but the look that Alice gave me told me that I’d better not. Instead, Miah and I packed up and headed home.

“Eddie, baby,” Tanya greeted me with great enthusiasm, but I cringed at the name she had chosen to use.

“Hey, Tanya,” I gave her a quick peck as I passed her to get into my house.

“Hi, Miah. Did you have fun with Daddy?” Tanya tried to play with Miah’s curls but Miah quickly ducked.

“It was great, Tanya. You do know my dad hates it when he’s called anything but Edward, right?” She continued to walk to her room, ignoring anything that Tanya might say in return.

As I put my bags in my room I could hear Tanya huff and close the door. “You really need to talk to her about her attitude. She might only be five, but she’s smart enough to know what she’s doing, Eddie.”

I pursed my lips in annoyance. Nothing irritated me more than being told how to correct my child, how to better to raise my daughter. “Tanya, she’s tired. We didn’t get a lot of sleep last night. She might be a genius, but she still has the emotions of a five-year-old.” My voice was a little harsher than I anticipated.

“Edward, Miah isn’t a normal five-year-old. You need to get the wool off your eyes.”

I quickly turned to face her. I’d been with Tanya for a few months. She was the first girl to accept Miah. Most women that I’d tried dating since Miah changed my life had not been very understanding, or accepting. I think that was why I stayed with Tanya, because she accepted us. “I’m sorry for getting harsh, babe. You’re right, I’ll talk to her, okay.” I hugged Tanya to my chest.

Getting back into our routine, sending Miah to school and heading to jobs with Emmett before working at my tattoo parlor, I have to squeeze in time with Tanya when our schedules allow.

It’s a few weeks later when I get a call from Alice. “Hey, baby sis, what’s up?”

“Oh, my god Edward, Jasper’s sister is moving to Forks. But that isn’t the most shocking thing,” she squeals in her normal quick and hyper voice.

“What is?” I reply back, not sure if I really want to know.

“Bella is Isabella Swan. Jasper’s sister is the chief's daughter!” she all but yells into the phone.

I drop the phone in complete shock. Realizing what I did, I quickly retrieve my phone. “How the hell are we just now figuring this out?”

“She hates to be called Isabella now, she only goes by Bella. Jasper has never said her last name to me. It wasn’t until she asked to stay with us until her house was ready, that I put it together. She’s moving back into her childhood home.”

My brown eyed beauty is coming back.


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