What's Love? Ch 11

Chapter 11
Bella POV
Present Day

I can feel a presence behind me before I hyperventilate, something that happens way too often.

“Bella,” Jasper’s voice is low. I can sense he wants to touch me but isn’t sure if he should.

“I haven’t had one of these since my last day in that group home.” I turn my head to look at him. I am sure he can see the unshed tears in my eyes. I can feel myself rub my wrist.

He nods his head, and not caring if I want it or not, he embraces me. “I have some amazing names of counselors for you to talk to.” His voice is light, but I can hear the seriousness.

“Thanks Jazz, but I’m sure after a few days of adjustments I’ll be back to normal,” I mumble into his chest.

I can feel eyes on us, making me feel heat spread through me. I quickly let Jasper go and head outside, not making any eye contact. I stand on the porch grabbing the railing, taking in a big gulp of air.

“What the fuck is wrong with me,” I ask myself out loud. I am not like this. I don’t break down. I don’t think about my scars. I am Bella Swan. I take what I want and move on. A badass bitch.

No one follows me out, probably thanks to Jasper. I go in eventually and I want to kiss everyone for pretending I never had a meltdown. Alice is very excited and talks non-stop about the wedding plans and her shop and the fall line she is working on. Just like that, everyone is talking about different things, stuff a family does at dinner. I just listen to the different stories and observe. The empty, numb feeling that I get is in full force as I watch Edward dote on Miah.

When I got married all four times, I made sure they never planned on kids. The first three already had some and they hated me. James was the first that had never been married and had no kids, but his narcissistic behavior would never allow him to want them. And after so many years I grew to be okay with this life, having only Jasper to be accounted to.
But sitting here watching this gorgeous man dote on his daughter, it makes me want things I have long given up on. It upsets me, so I get up, making the excuse that I’m tired and thank Alice for the meal.

The time difference between New York and here is three hours, so thanks to my internal clock I am up at five am. I groan as I see the time on my phone. I try to close my eyes and get an hour or two more, but by five-thirty my eyes are still wide and my mind is going a thousand miles a minute. Ones and zeros take over most of my thoughts, for a new program idea dealing with the medical field. I also thought of a hologram field that would work great in my soon to be home. That way I could more easily transfer things, maybe a hologram touch screen. I sigh, realizing I have to get up.

In my normal sleep wear, I find myself in a dark and empty kitchen at six am. Jasper left the teapot out on the stove, I can’t help but smile at his preparedness. I quickly put some water on for my tea and then head back up to my room for my laptop and tablet and notebooks to begin working on my new ideas.

Being in my bubble while I work has perks and disadvantages. The one big disadvantage is I never hear anyone that is around me. An offensive hand interrupts me and makes me scream and attack.

“Oof!” The sexy hair of Edward comes into my view. He is planted firmly on the ground under me, looking up with wide eyes.

“I warned you, Edward.” Jasper’s southern drawl is thick with humor.

“You didn’t say she would be that defensive.” I let Edward up quickly and look at my surroundings, noticing it’s nine in the morning.

“I told you not to go within five feet of her when she is doing coding, or whatever she does in her bubble.” Jasper sips his coffee, and by his facial expressions I can tell he’s trying not to laugh at Edward.

“I really thought you were exaggerating. I mean, back in high school I saw her take down Emmett but I would have thought it changed.” He gives me his dazzling smile that probably melts many women’s hearts but I feel stricken and ready to run.

“It got worse,” I reply simply, but my voice is strange to me. I clean up quickly and go back to the room where I’m staying.

Sexy hair, I scold myself. I shake my head and get dressed in comfortable jeans and a Miller Highlife shirt. I pull my hair back into a sloppy bun, trying to figure out this aroused feeling I get from Edward's proximity.

There aren’t any feelings, I tell myself confidently. He has a girlfriend, I just got out of a marriage. It was a moment of lapsed judgment. Yes, he is good looking, but that’s it.
Putting everything in my new fandom bag I walk back down stairs and hear laughing.   

I walk into the kitchen and Alice has joined Edward and Jasper, but there is also a very tall and gorgeous blonde. She has matured very well. “Hey, Bella, I’m Rose.” She doesn’t move to greet me.

“I remember, Emmett’s wife, correct?” I lean against the door frame. I can feel her assessing me as I am her. She reeks of confidence, and attitude. She may look like a model, but you can feel the tomboy vibes coming off her as well.

“Yes, happily for four years now.” She turns her head away from me. The assessment is done, she’s probably decided my rank in her hierarchy.

“What are the plans for today with everyone?” I ask, trying to figure out what I should do with myself.

“I’ve got several appointments with clients, so I’ll have to go over to your house later, that okay?” Jasper acknowledges me first.

“Yeah, that's fine,” I nod my head.

“I have to go and look over a project, then head over to the shop. You can still pick Miah up after school, right?” Edward asks Alice, simultaneously answering me.

“Yes, of course, Rose and I are going over to the Marriott to talk to someone about the wedding. I guess she’s the planner or something. Then we're doing some shopping. ” Alice has the most upbeat voice I have ever heard.

“Would you like me to come with you to the Marriott, I mean, I don’t want to intrude on your time with Rose and wedding planning,” I ask, I just want to make sure she gets everything she wants and is treated with respect. I know how some of those people can be.

“Thank God, I was so worried about asking you.” Alice jumps up and down.

I can’t help but chuckle at her enthusiasm, but Jasper’s smile is what really makes me happy.

I take a seat by Edward. He has his sleeves rolled up and I can see more of his arms and they're covered in amazing art. I meet his eyes, and I can’t help but be mesmerized for just a moment before I berate myself and look to Jasper.
Things quickly move after that. Jasper leaves, then Edward leaves, and Rose and Alice drag me away to the Marriott.

Rose and Alice talk, well Alice talks, about everything and taking my cue from Rose, I nod and hum in the right spots.
Walking into the Marriott brings some interesting feelings. Rose and Alice are in awe when walking up to the desk.

“Hi, welcome to the Marriott, how can I help you?” The desk clerk addresses Alice in a very sugary sweet voice.

“Hi, I have an appointment with Jane,” Alice greets her back with a lot of excitement.

“Name, please?”

“Alice Cullen.”

“She’ll be out in just a minute.” She grabs the phone, I assume to call her and tell her we’re here.

Alice continues to be awed over our surroundings.

“Ms. Cullen.” A short and very angry looking woman shows up with her hand out to greet Alice.

Alice grabs her hand. “Yes, hi.”

“Alright, come along, I’ll show you everything and then we can talk.” Her voice is tight, and I am not appreciating her attitude. I can tell from Alice and Rose they aren’t either.
As we walk through the reception area and the ballroom where we can have the ceremony, her attitude stays sour and borderline rude.

“Excuse me,” I address Jane in my most professional tone.

“Yes,” her tone is clipped.

“Okay, let's drop this right here. You’re acting unprofessional.” I can feel myself slipping.

“I don’t know what makes you so special, but I am telling you right now that this never happens here. I am not going out of my way for a nobody who just happened to sleep with the manager to get the bride what she wanted.”

I can see Rose about to lunge, and Alice is close to crying. “Oh, well let me make this simple. I am the reason she is getting the VIP treatment that she deserves. I didn’t fuck anyone to get her that. But you know what, I think I will make a call right quick.” I take out my phone and dial a number and put it on speaker.

“Aro Volturi,” the voice answers in a commanding tone.

“Hey, Aro, it's Bella,” I reply in my sweetest voice. I see Jane's eyes widen in fear. That’s right bitch, say goodbye to your job.

“Oh, Bella love, how are you, my dear wife number five.” Out of the four husbands I have had, he was the most fun and he had no hard feelings after the divorce.

I can see Alice and Rose as their eyes widen as well.

“Not good, husband number two,” I join in on his joke.

“What’s the matter?” His voice is full of concern.

“You see, my brother is getting married. You know the contact I have with your hotel chain, Marriott.”

He chuckles for a moment. “Yes, that’s why I fell in love with you.”

“Well, I have decided to use that part of the contract to get the whole VIP package for Jasper and his soon to be wife. And, well, there is some resistance, Aro. Especially with Jane the planner, here.”

I keep my eyes on Jane, who has become white as a sheet.
“Mm, I see, well, would that be Forks Marriott, my dear?”

“Yes, it is.”

“What date are you looking to use it for?”

“October eleventh.”

“It’s yours, the entire hotel for the night before and that entire day. I will get it settled, and I’ll find you a more appropriate planner than Jane. Oh, and how about Peter for the caterer. He’ll be free and in Seattle.” I smile at Alice, silently asking her if this is what she would like. But she and Rose are in shock and unresponsive.

“Thank you, Aro. I knew you could help me sort this out without the complaints and attitude that we’ve been getting. But, I’m sorry I had to call at all.” I smile, knowing it isn’t trouble at all; Aro is always happy to give me whatever I want. It drives his kids insane.

“Oh, my love, anything for you and your family. I’m sorry that you had trouble at all. If there is still any resistance, you call me right away. Now, the new planner will be there tomorrow, will that be okay?”

“Yes,” Alice responds at last in a squeaky voice.

Aro gives me the information before we say goodbye.
“Well, Jane, I guess we’re done here. And I guess in a way, I did fuck the right guy to get what I want.” I give her my best bitch brow and walk out with Alice and Rose following behind me.

“Holy shit, I never made the connection when Jazz would say Aro. You were married to Aro Volturi. He’s a freaking billionaire, with possible mob ties.” Alice is clearly in shock.

“I love you, seriously girl, you are not one to fuck with.” Rose intertwines her arm with mine, and Alice does the same to the other side.

“You and Jasper will only get married once. And some snide bitch ruined your wedding high. It’s not acceptable.” I shrug, it’s not a big deal. And really, shutting one hotel down isn’t that big of a deal for Aro.

“You’re a badass bitch. God, I was going to throttle her, but when you said Aro, that look on her face was better than me beating on her.” Rose has her eyes closed, reminiscing, I assume.

“Thank you so much, Bella. You just got me the entire hotel, the best caterer, and the best-rated planner,” Alice squeals and hugs me.

I feel embarrassed. I have never gotten this kind of female attention before.

We go out to lunch and discuss more wedding details, including the designer she wishes she could get, Cora.

And I know her. “Cora, from LA,” I want to confirm for sure it’s the same Cora.

“Yes, she designs the most amazing dresses, but only one of a kind, you know.”

“Yeah, I did her business model and made a program for her to help with designs,” I mention nonchalantly.

I can feel their eyes on me.
“Are you shitting me? Is there anyone you don’t know?” Rose asks me in awe.

“Yes, there a lot of people in the world, it would be impossible to know everyone.” I furrow my brows.

“She wouldn’t happen to owe you any favors, would she? The kind that would get her to design me a dress?” Alice puts her hands together and up to her mouth.

I can’t help but smile. “She does, in fact, owe me a favor that big.”

I don’t think I will be able to hear for the rest of the day.


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