Tesear Eala Ch 4

I slipped the hoodie off, leaving it at the bottom of the stairs and walking up and knocking on her door. Bella flung it open, standing in nothing but a towel. She smirked at my blatant ogling.

"Need something, or where you just looking?" Bella stifled a chuckle.

I growled, picking her up and walking us to her bedroom. She was as quick to remove my clothes as I was to push aside her towel. I hated condoms, but I knew I wouldn't go anywhere near her pussy without it; she'd told me as much. I slid in, sighing in contentment. It didn't take long for us both to get off and be back in the kitchen. This time she was dressed in just a shirt that said Forks WA on it.

I'd done a background check on her, but nothing, I mean nothing came up. Just her birth certificate, high school diploma, and the papers for the bar. Her father Charlie Swan was listed on her birth papers. There was a record of his birth, and then his death. No properties, no work history. It was something I should have worried about, but Bella hid nothing. She told me her dad taught her to shoot and that he was military. And super secretive, which probably explained why there was nothing on him.


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