Eala Chapter 4

Chapter 4


Burnt skin permeated the air as the cigarette in my hand burned the leathcheann skin. He screamed in agony. Throwing his head back, he almost tipped over the chair he was tied to.

"Why the hell were you on my dock?" I grit out between my teeth.

I just wanted to be done with this, so I could go and be with my Bella.

Bella; she was something else. Mahogany hair cascading down her back, chocolate eyes that pierced your fucking soul. She never did what I expected. When she fucking called me out in Gaelic, I knew I had to have her. And Dia, she was so good; nothing was better than her sweet pussy, except maybe her mouth. She was smart, and she didn't take shit. She handled herself with such confidence; I'd never met a woman like her.

The first time in my life I found someone worthy of the title of my wife.
Something I could never actually have.

I stared at the intruder, sweat pouring out of him, his lip busted and burn marks in several spots. I nodded my head for Emmett to hit him again.

"What were you doing on my dock?" My patience was wearing thin. If we didn't need answers, he would have already been dead and cut up.

"Volturi sent me."

"Chuir Volturi leat?"

He vigorously nodded his head.

My mouth curved up, finally I was getting somewhere with him. "Why?"

"To see what you and your dad are up to. Find out about your ship schedules and try to negotiate with them to buy out from under you," he wheezed out.

I pulled my nine and shot him between the eyes. I looked over to Emmett. "Glan seo suas."
Emmett was my younger brother by four years, and Jasper by five. Not that we had the same mom. I lit a cigarette and watched the smoke dissipate in the air.

"Edward, come down here please," I hear my ma yell for me. I run to the steps and slowly take them downstairs. I have to walk slow on steps because my da said I could get hurt if I run down them.

I see my mammy at the bottom of the step smiling at me. My ma never smiles, so this must be so good.

"Yes, Mammy," I answer as I stand on the last step.

"I love you so much my little man," she coos to me.

Before I can reply I hear a popping sound like when my daddy takes me to shoot with him. And then my ma falls to the ground. I see a guy with a mask on his face with a gun pointed at me. Da says I should never have a gun pointed at me.

The big scary guy mutters something then runs away.

I remembered my Da showing up not too long after that. It was a month later he showed with Esme and my two brothers. I blamed Da for my ma's death; he should have been protecting her. He knew what this life could do, what our enemies could fucking do.

Mama Esme was a great ma. She loved me just like Emmett and Jasper. I was hers even if she didn't give birth to me. My birth ma didn't even care for me as Mama Esme did. Knowing that my father was out having another family while Ma was killed in front of me ate me alive, but I didn't blame my brothers or Mama Esme. Da would always bear the brunt of that anger. That anger brought me to the conclusion I would never have a love, a life with a wife and kids. I could never risk having them shot down while I was working. No.

I threw the cigarette in the water and walked back to the vehicle. Seth was waiting for me in the driver seat. It was a long time before Emmett joined me.

"It's all done, Ed."

I nodded my head.

"Also, Da called and he's waiting for you back in your office."

"What the fock does he want?" I growled in annoyance because this would tie me up longer. Meaning it would be later before I got to taste Bella.

"He wants a rundown of what happened here." Emmett shrugged his shoulders as he played on his phone. Probably texting his wife, Rose. I liked her, she was feisty but respectful. Jasper's wife Alice, on the other hand, she spent too much money for my taste. And she opened her mouth when it was not asked for.

I grunted in annoyance with the whole thing.

"What's wrong deartháir mór? Not getting enough pussy?" He gave me his goofy grin.

I rolled my eyes at my brother's ignorant joke. "More than you, and tá tú pósta," I snarked back.

He scoffed, "Rose wants to have a baby, man, we are at it all the time." He wiggled his eyebrows at me.

I curled my lips in disgust. "TMI, Em, fock." I looked at the city lights as we pulled up to my first club, Twilight. It was a gift when I turned eighteen from my grandad on my ma's side. He passed away not long after, leaving me no connection with that side of the family. I stepped up and made Twilight the best club in Seattle eight years in a row.

I climbed out of the SUV, adjusting my nine as I walked into my place. The bass was booming, and it was packed with a young crowd dancing and drinking. I smirked at a couple of drunk girls giggling in my direction.

I climbed the steps to my office where I saw Da and his two guards, Eleazar and Marcus. Jasper was on the other side of the room watching the club floor through the two-way glass.

"Edward, Emmett, how did it go?" Da's accident was thick tonight. He must have been spending time with other Irish families.

"The Italian are trying to spy on us and steal from underneath us," I summed up what we found out from tonight's interrogation.

I walked past him, taking a seat behind my desk and looking at the time on my computer; one thirty A.M. Shit, Bella wasn't even done with work yet. I had time. I couldn't help but let a small smile slip.

"Fock the Volturi," Da growled out, standing quickly. "We need to do something about them." He stopped in front of the window. "I can't start nothing until I can get the Russians." He was mostly talking to himself at that point.

"I know, Da, but right now there's nothing to do, so why don't you and the guys head out and we'll talk more about it tomorrow." I tried not to sound eager to get them out, but fuck, I just wanted to bury myself in Bella at that point.

Da nodded his head; Jasper, Emmett, and Da's two guards left, leaving me and him alone. "What's her name?" He walked up and stood in front of me with his brow raised.

I shrugged my shoulder, glaring at him. "I don't know what the hell you're talking about."

His steely eyes narrowed at me. "You don't think I've noticed your disappearances, huh? Three months now, cén fáth nár thug tú isteach í?"

I stood up quickly. "Toisc nach bhfuil aon duine le tabhairt isteach," I grit out. Bella was mine alone.

He huffed, "Guard your shit." He walked out of my office.

I waited a good hour before I snuck out of the secret stairway hidden behind my bookcase that lead to a hidden door in the alleyway. I looked around, pulling on a hoodie to disguise myself. I kept my eyes peeled as I hailed a cab, taking a long route to make sure I was not followed, and I got out at Bella's back door to her apartment.

I remembered first walking into her place, Eala.

Alice was the one that wanted to go, but we had to check on it first to see if it was safe enough. Bella was a sight to behold serving behind the bar. She wore a stern expression and her eyes were always moving.

I slipped the hoodie off, leaving it at the bottom of the stairs and walking up and knocking on her door. Bella flung it open, standing in nothing but a towel. She smirked at my blatant ogling.
"Need something, or where you just looking?" Bella stifled a chuckle.

I growled, picking her up and walking us to her bedroom. She was as quick to remove my clothes as I was to push aside her towel. I hated condoms, but I knew I wouldn't go anywhere near her pussy without it; she'd told me as much. I slid in, sighing in contentment. It didn't take long for us both to get off and be back in the kitchen. This time she was dressed in just a shirt that said Forks WA on it.

I'd done a background check on her, but nothing, I mean nothing came up. Just her birth certificate, high school diploma, and the papers for the bar. Her father Charlie Swan was listed on her birth papers. There was a record of his birth, and then his death. No properties, no work history. It was something I should have worried about, but Bella hid nothing. She told me her dad taught her to shoot and that he was military. And super secretive, which probably explained why there was nothing on him.

I watched her make a snack, noting she never kept her back to me, just like when I watched her in the bar. Her head was on a swivel, always seeing everything; always on her toes.

Bella finally looked at me with her chocolate eyes twinkling with mirth. "So, you know all these things about me, but I don't know your last name, what you do for a living, anything like that."

Everything in my brain froze. She couldn't know; after three months she decided she wanted to know to shit about me? Cad é an fuck? I stared at her and knew her questions weren't out of malice, but pure curiosity. But I couldn't, I wouldn't risk her. I had to push her away.
I didn't mean a damn word that came out of my mouth. "That's because you are not my girl, níl tú ach cairde fuck." She was so much more than a fuck buddy.

She flinched just slightly before a murderous look crossed her face. "Tá an ceart agat, faigh an fuck amach." She'd never kicked me out before.

I knew as I walked out her door that we were through. And my fucking chest hurt at the thought of never seeing her again.


"Alice, baby, we need to sit up here for a minute." Jasper tried to get his wife to calm down while we had people dropping off tributes. We all had to sit there while the different contributors came; there was just the southside that had yet to stop by.

"God, why do we have to be stuck up here, Edward is the one they want to see?" she whined to Jasper.

I raised my brow at him, basically telling him if she didn't shut the fuck up she was cut off. Jasper's face grew ashen before he leaned over to Alice, and whatever he said worked because she giggled but didn't say another peep until after the last drop.

I got up, standing in the VIP area and looking around the club. What I saw had me grabbing the rail like my life depended on it. Bella was there, dressed in a mini skirt and small black top. Her brown hair flowed around her shoulders. I saw her eye the place as she stood by the bar.
What the hell was she doing there? Did she know I was there? Fuck! I felt anger building up with all the unknown questions. I saw her eyes flicker to mine, followed by a smile gracing her lips; then she winked up at me. Fuck!

I couldn't help but be hypnotized as Bella danced with her drink in her hand. I growled when I watched as two muc began to dance all over her and she let them. Unable to stop myself, I walked down the VIP steps and I found myself grabbing her wrist and yanking her away from the two pigs.
"You made me spill my drink." She took another sip. She threw me with her reaction; she just seemed to not give two shits.

I found myself squeezing her wrist harder and her eyes narrowed. The look on her face spoke volumes. I released her, knowing I couldn't make a scene in my club. I turned my back, trying to regain focus. Why was she there? Did she know who I was; did she look me up?

I turned back to the dance floor, looking for her. When I didn't see her, I pushed myself through the crowd and that was when I saw the door to the alleyway close.

I quickly opened it and saw Bella slowly walking, swaying just a little. It looked like she might be tipsy. I closed the door behind me quietly and began to follow her, unsure if I should confront her or see where she was going. She decided to answer that question for me. In the blink of an eye she had a glock pointed at my head. Her eyes were glassy, and her body swayed just a millimeter but the gun stayed aimed dead center between my eyes.

"What the fuck, Edward," she growled at me in a sexy voice.

I wouldn't let her distract me. "What the fuck were you doing at my club? You fucking checking on me?" I spat at her, walking toward her and the gun. I couldn't help but narrow my eyes on it. I wondered if she had the balls to use it.

"My friend asked me to go dancing with her. I said yes. I needed to let go for a bit. I have no clue who the fuck you are. Nor did I know this was your place."

I couldn't help but be happily surprised. She didn't know anything about me. She was just out trying to have fun. Well, fuck.

Bella lowered her gun and shook her head, her body swaying again. I stepped closer to her, worried about her. "Are you okay, leanbh?"

She snorted. "What does it matter to you, Edward?"

I stopped short, unable to reply as I watched her walk away. Fuck, she was right.
But fuck, I wanted her. I wanted whatever I could have with her. I would have to tell her everything about me.

leathcheann~ idiot's
Dia~ God
Chuir Volturi leat?~ Volturi sent you?
Glan seo suas~ clean this up
deartháir mór~ big brother
tá tú pósta~ you are married
cén fáth nár thug tú isteach í?~ why haven't you introduced her?
Toisc nach bhfuil aon duine le tabhairt isteach~ because there isn't anyone to introduce
Cad é an fuck?~ What the fuck?
níl tú ach cairde fuck~ You're just a fuck buddy
Tá an ceart agat, faigh an fuck amach~ You're right, get the fuck out
muc~ pigs
leanbh~ baby


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