Eala Chapter 3

Chapter 3

My hips moved to the rhythm of the beat vibrating the floor of Twilight. Angela was in front of me with her hands rubbing down her body, trying to get the attention of a guy at the bar. I was just dancing to get rid of the anger from last night; I really needed to let go. The alcohol lowered my inhibitions and normally controlling nature. I didn’t usually let loose like this with Angela, hell, I didn’t even dress up like I was. I was in a black flowing mini skirt and black tank top and flats, because I refused to wear heels.

For the past three months Edward and I had been having twice a week sexcapades. Little by little we started talking about ourselves; actually, he would ask me about myself and I would answer. He asked about where I grew up, my full name, and how I came to own a bar. I answered all of them without hesitation. But last night I thought, hell, why not ask his last name and what he does for a living.

“So you know all these things about me, but I don’t know your last name, what do you do for a living, anything like that.” I smiled, leaning on the counter and trying to be flirty.

A shadow crossed his features; his eyes narrowed. “That’s because you are not my girl, táimid ag fucking díreach.”

I blanched at his harshness. “Tá tú ceart, faigh an fuck amach!”

He stormed out, saying nothing. I hated that I’d grown attached to him, but God, he knew how to work me, just as much as I could work him. Everything seemed to click between us. But I should have kept to my motto, I should have never let it go on so long. We never even exchanged numbers.

I felt a hand firmly grab my hips, pulling me into a rock-hard chest. It wasn’t the hands I wanted to feel, but it felt good to let go and just go with the flow.

Angela grabbed my hands and pulled me away from my dance partner. “I’m ready for a drink,” she giggled, dragging me to the bar right next to the suited guy that she wanted to get with.

We ordered drinks and Angela started to work her magic on the guy. I found myself looking around as I sipped on my drink when I felt someone staring at me. I slowly swept my eyes around the room, my gaze landing on the VIP section. There he stood, brooding, his hand gripping the railing and glaring at me.

I couldn’t help but feel vindictive. I winked up at him and went back to the dance floor, knowing Angela was doing just fine on her own. I continued to dance and sip on my drink, finding myself sandwiched between two guys with roaming hands. I chuckled when one of them felt my gun tucked under my skirt and yanked his hand away. I could feel Edward’s eyes on me; I couldn’t help but stir him up by grinding myself against the men around me. I kept my eyes on Angela, who had moved to the dance floor with suit guy and they seemed to connect well.

Suddenly, a rough hand yanked me away from my dance partners. The electricity that ran up my arm told me exactly who it was. My eyes met with green fury.

I looked him over, his sharp jaw line clenched and eyes narrowed at me. I didn’t want to waver even if I really wanted to jump him, or hit him. “You made me spill my drink.” I took a sip of the fruity deliciousness and kept my eyes on his.

The pressure increased slightly on my wrist, and I narrowed my eyes on him as a warning. He let go and I walked away to find Angela dancing. I walked up and leaned into her ear.

“Are you good, because I’m going to leave.” I all but shouted into her ear to make sure she could hear me over the music.

She smiled wide and nodded her head.

“Call me so I know you’re okay, I don’t want to have to hunt anyone down.” I raised my brow at her.

She rolled her eyes at me but still nodded her head. Checking my surroundings, I saw Edward was still by the bar looking around. Before he spotted me, I set my drink down and slipped out the side door leading to an alleyway. I brushed my hair to the side, thanking God it was a warm August night as I walked myself to the main road so I could hail a cab.

The hair on my neck began to rise; acting on instinct, I grabbed my Glock 20 gen4 from my thigh and before they knew what I was doing I pointed it at them.

“What the fuck, Edward,” I growled as he narrowed his eyes on the gun pointed to his head.

“What the fuck were you doing at my club? You fucking checking up on me?” He came closer to me, his body shaking with rage.

I kept my gun high and aimed between his eyes. “My friend asked me to go dancing with her. I said yes. I needed to let go for a bit. I have no clue who the fuck you are. Nor did I know this was your place.”

I lowered my gun, shaking my head, trying to rid the fuzz from the alcohol. I heard him step closer to me, concern on his face. “Are you okay, leanbh?”

I snorted, holstering my Glock back on my leg. “What does it matter to you, Edward?” I didn’t wait for his answer. I walked away and hailed a cab to go home.

I walked into my apartment and started to strip down to nothing but my bra, underwear, and gun. I went into the kitchen and got a glass of water and some aspirin. I leaned against the counter, looking around my apartment and taking note of where I had different things hidden.

I took a sip of my water and just relaxed for minute, until the pounding at my door. “Fock!” I cursed, looking through the peephole and seeing Edward. Smirking, I opened the door in just my panties and gun.

Edward’s eyes widened for just a second before they dilated. “Expecting me?” His voice was liquid sex.

As much as it turned me on, I wasn’t going to do this anymore. I snorted, “No, I was relaxing.” I turned away from him, walking back to the kitchen. I heard the door close and his heavy footfalls behind me.

“What do you want?” I asked as I leaned against the counter. I turned and looked him up and down in a leather jacket, black cotton shirt, and black slacks. He looked like he was trying to be one with the night.

He eyes were still drinking me in, his tongue slipping out and tracing his bottom lip. His eyes finally met mine. I quirked my brow.

“I can’t focking think straight when you’re looking like a walking wet dream,” he growled. I looked down to see his prominent erection straining against his pants.

I shrugged my shoulders. “I guess I can toss a shirt on.” I walked away, but I felt his hand skim my hip as I walked by him. I didn’t stop because I was not giving in to him. I was not some needy woman that would bend to his will.

I grabbed a long tee and tossed it on, walking back out to find Edward pacing back and forth. I watched his long fingers tear through his copper hair. His jaw was tight, his lips compressed.

“Edward,” I said to get his attention.

He snorted. “That’s not much better.”

I rolled my eyes. “What the hell do you want, Edward?”

His shoulders sagged. “I want to talk, Bella.”

I raised my brow. “Then talk.”

He ran his fingers roughly through his hair again, looking around. “Can we sit?”

I nodded, sitting on the couch and curling my feet underneath me. He sat on the other side, leaning forward on his knees.

“My name is Edward Cullen. My family runs the Irish mob, and I’m next in line to be the boss.”

táimid ag fucking díreach~ we’re just fucking
Tá tú ceart, faigh an fuck amach~ You’re right, get the fuck out
Leanbh~ baby


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