Eala Ch 2

Chapter 2

The bar was crazy with customers. It was Saturday night, two weeks since my one-night stand. It has been driving me crazy because I wanted to ride him again. I didn’t need this crap, I berated myself for even wanting another ride.

The music flowed from the band, getting everybody up and moving, which meant they’d drink more. Unfortunately, it also tended to mean more roughhousing. That meant I was on the floor watching the customers, so I could keep all the patrons safe.

I felt a pair of hands on my hips, the buzz that followed telling me who it was.

“Tá tú chomh fucking taibhseach,” he whispered in my ear as he nibbled my earlobe.

I found myself leaning into him and enjoying the feeling. “What, you want a repeat performance?” I lowered my voice, hoping it sounded sexy.

“Fuck, yes, I do.” His lips moved to the base of my neck.

I hissed. “You’ll have to come back when I close up.” I pushed off of him and looked back, giving him a wink that he returned with a devilish smirk. I am in so much trouble.

I ignored the hunger I’d developed since he first showed up. Edward was with the same group of men, and this time he stayed seated enjoying the music and apparently watching me, because every time I looked up his eyes were on me.

Angela was busing some tables when I walked over to her. “Ang, am I a whore?”

She whipped her head up to squint at me. “Why on earth are you asking me that?” She looked completely perplexed.

I sighed and grabbed a glass from the table. “The guy from two weeks ago. Had a fan-fuck-tasic night. Took three days to walk right.” I looked back at her and she had the biggest smirk on her face. I rolled my eyes. “Anyway, we didn’t exchange numbers, no plans for further nights, and now here he is, and I want it. Fuck, do I want it. Cad atá cearr liomsa?”

“First, you know I don’t understand you when you start speaking that shit. Two, there is nothing wrong with it. For Christ’s sake, you never date; the last time you were laid was what, eight months ago? So, if he wants you again, fucking go for it. Use protection and have fun.” She winked and walked off before I could react.

I finished up the table and continued walking around the bar helping my bartenders and waitresses. I also made sure my bouncers were on top of their game.

I was eighteen when I started to apply for business loans and tried to get the ball rolling. On my twentieth birthday I finally got the call saying I was approved. The liquor license was the trickiest part because I wasn’t even legal to drink myself. That is where Angela came in and saved the day. I was looking for managers to help me get things even more off the ground and she came in as the first interview. I told her the situation that I was currently in and she told me what should be done step by step. I didn’t interview anyone else; I hired her on the spot. Three months later I had the staff I wanted, and we opened the doors. I have lived and breathed this place ever since. Angela always said it wasn’t healthy, and at least once a month she dragged me out to have what she called fun, a concept that was very much lost on me.

I grew up with rules and watching my back; it was all I’d ever known. Once those men left the house, I did what my dad told me to do. I grabbed my go-bag and his. I continued my online schooling and worked as best as I could with weapons training. I never returned to the house. I know everything was left to me; my father made sure I was taken care of. I just couldn’t face what was waiting for me there.

Coming back from daydreaming, I noticed the time. I made a point of yelling last call at one a.m. to give everyone an hour to clear their tabs and get out.

Edward walked up with his card. “When should I come by?” It should’ve been illegal, how sexy he sounded.

“There’s a door just left of the back entrance that leads up to my apartment. Show up after three.” I swiped his card and handed it back to him. His eyes were dilated and sweeping over me, and I watched his tongue pop out and lick his bottom lip. God, I fucking missed that tongue.

“I’ll see you later, taibhseach.” Edward winked at me. I closed my eyes and tried to shake away the desire that engulfed my body.

I counted down the registers and wiped everything down, putting the deposit in my safe and promising myself I would do it in the morning. I felt my heart racing with anticipation as I locked the bar doors and headed to my apartment. I looked at my phone, checking the time: two forty-five.

I went to the bathroom to freshen myself up a bit, and to try to calm my nerves. I had never pre-planned to have sex. Should I put something sexy on? 

I flipped my hair, and started chewing my nails. Did I greet him? Offer him something to drink? Maybe I just pulled him to me and kissed him like I did the last time. Fuck!

Wrapped up in my head as I was, the knock on the door startled me. “Hold on!” I managed to say as I tried to calm my racing heart.

I opened my door and tried not to moan at the sight of him. He was wearing a black button up with dark jeans that hung low on his hips. His eyes were dark and drinking me in as I did with him.

Edward walked in and shut the door without taking his eyes off me. I couldn’t take mine off him as he stalked me until I was cornered against a wall. He grabbed my hips roughly, pulling me into him. I couldn’t help but gasp and moan at his actions.

His lips were mere centimeters away, his breath hitting my face, hinting of whiskey and smoke. “How badly do you want this, álainn?” His voice was deep and commanding, causing me to soak my panties.

Not wanting to give in so easily, I tried to maintain some dignity. “If you’re just going to tease me, you know where the door is.”

He growled and slammed me into the wall, grinding himself into me. “Does that feel like teasing?”

Before I could answer, his tongue invaded my mouth while his hands brought mine up above my head. One hand held them tightly there while the other moved to grope my breast roughly. I moaned in his mouth. He pulled away, and I tried catching my breath, but his lips moved to my neck as he kissed and licked. I found myself grinding into him like a bitch in heat. He let go of my hands, which went straight to his cock, rubbing it through his jeans.

He grunted. “I’m fucking you against this wall.” His hand went straight to pulling my shorts down as I worked on his jeans, pushing them down after unbuttoning them.

He used his teeth to rip open the condom he pulled from his pocket and quickly put it on. He grabbed my ass, making me wrap my legs around him just before he slammed into me. I screamed out as he continued to slam into me, hitting the spot that tightened my belly over and over.

“You like this don’t you, you fucking you love this,” he growled in my ear before biting down on my neck.

“God, fuck yes,” I moaned as he continued to hit just the right spot.

“Not God, leanbh. Edward.” He began to pump faster. “Come, now!” he growled.

I screamed as I fell off the edge into pure bliss. I heard Edward cuss, following me into ecstasy. We collapsed on the floor trying to catch our breath. I felt Edward adjust himself and then get up, I assumed to throw the condom away. But then I felt his hands underneath me, cradling me in his arms and carrying me back to my room.

He set me down on the bed then spread my legs open exposing me to him.  His tongue flicked my bud.

“Unh!” I moan loudly at the sensation.

He continued to work my bundle of nerves and then he added two fingers, pumping them in and out. The coil in my stomach was beginning to clench tightly as he worked my pussy.

“Come!” he growled in a dominant voice and it pushed me over. I knew I screamed incoherently as I came for him. He peppered kisses along my abdomen as I came down.

“Fuck, leanbh, I’m taking you again.” He flipped me to my stomach, making me get on all fours. I could feel myself vibrate with anticipation.

I felt his hands on my cheeks, kneading them. They left, causing me to whimper. But the sound of the wrapper tearing had me moaning in anticipation.

His chest lowered to my back and he inhaled a breath. “I’ve been thinking about you so much since our last in counter.”

He straightened up and slammed into me, hitting deep inside me causing me to cry out in pleasure. “Jesus, this gets better every time I fuck you,” he groaned as he began to thrust into me harder and faster.

I could feel a third orgasm building up fast and I didn’t recognize any of the sounds coming out of me. I heard him grunting, “Leanbh, you better come because I can’t last much longer in your sweet pussy.”

Hearing him say that threw me into pure ecstasy.

We collapsed on my bed; I just felt so spent. Exhaustion took over and my eyes closed. I couldn’t have been sleeping too long, because I woke up to strong arms wrapping around me. I jumped up, grabbing the first thing I could use for a weapon, which was my switch blade. I pressed it to the offending person’s throat.

“Fuck!” Edward grit out, trying not to move his Adam’s apple.

Pulling the knife away, I closed my eyes. “Sorry, not used to someone in my bed when I wake up.”

He cleared his throat. “I don’t know if I should be scared or just fuck you again.”

I laughed, falling back onto my bed. “I’m surprised you’re still here.” I turned my head and looked at him. He was still naked, his hair wild from sex, a five o’clock shadow lining his sharp jaw.

“I dozed for a bit, that last round really wore me out, but I really should be going.” He looked a little worried as he got up, pulling his boxers on and allowing me to ogle his ass; his firm, delicious looking ass.

“Okay.” I got up myself, grabbing a shirt and slipping some panties on. Feeling hungry, I went to the kitchen and got stuff out for a sandwich. I was adding the meat when I felt his eyes on me. I looked up at furrowed eyebrows as he watched me.

“You want one?” I pointed to my sandwich as I asked him.

He snorted. “No. I’m just surprised. You surprise me, leanbh.”

I rolled my eyes. “Why is that?” I asked curiously as I finished making my sandwich.

“Most women want my number, want to know when we’re seeing each other again. You just don’t seem to fucking care.” He came closer; his shirt was open, exposing his chiseled chest, including a six pack with a happy trail disappearing beneath his low-hanging pants.

I tried not to eye fuck him too much; after all, I wanted to be able to walk tomorrow. “Okay,” I answered slowly, waiting for a point.

His eyes darkened. “I think maybe I’ll come back for thirds next week.” He closed in on me, trapping me against my counter.

“I live at work, you know where to find me if you’re interested.” I shrugged my shoulders. As much as I felt this thrill that he might come back, another part of me knew that it was casual and I shouldn’t get attached.

He smirked and walked out the door without looking back.

I got up early afternoon, taking a shower and then starting my routine of running five miles, hitting up the shooting range, and then sparring with some guys at my gym. I usually did this three times a week to keep up with what my dad raised me to do.

“Get up, Isabella!” I hear my father shout from my door.

I know that it’s five am and it’s time for the five-mile run, obstacle course, and then weapons training, before I get on the computer for the rest of my school work.

I get up and dress in my allotted two minutes, and then I’m at the bottom of the stairs and ready for my father.

Charlie looks me up and down and smiles. “Today I’m going to show you something out on our run.”

I nod and smile back.

I sighed, washing the day off of me. I started to list what I needed to do for the bar and what bands I wanted to talk to for the following weekend. No need for me to worry about whether Edward would come back to me.

Tá tú chomh fucking taibhseach~ you are so fucking gorgeous
Cad atá cearr liomsa? ~ What’s wrong with me?
Taibhseach~ gorgeous
álainn~ beautiful
leanbh~ baby



  1. For some reason, this chapter is grey writing on a white background, which I haven't noticed before on your blog. I couldn't really read it. :(

    1. This is the first time it has done it. I'm trying to figure it out now lol


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