A Woman of Conviction Ch 11

Chapter 11

His fingers ghost across my skin, giving me goosebumps that he kisses away. His tongue sweeps out and swirls over my skin. I moan and arch my back.

“Please, please, I’m aching,” I beg.

I can feel his grin on my inner thigh, and before I can blink his tongue dives into my heat and I moan so loudly I’m worried I’ll be overheard.

His hands creep up to squeeze my nipples. I’m positive that I’m going soak my sheets before I can come. I grab his hair to pull him up to my lips and his piercing green eyes startle me.

“Baby, how am I supposed to cure you of your ache if you pull me away?”

I stare at this sexy man; I can see my arousal around his mouth, his lips swollen. “I want a kiss, and then I want you to stop teasing me and fuck me.” I pull him with so much force that his lips crash to mine. Edward is poised to finally slam himself inside me.

Beep. Beep.


Beep! Beep!

I slam my alarm off, pissed that I didn’t shut it off last night. As I lay on my bed staring at the ceiling, I think about my dream and press my thighs together. I’m throbbing in ways I haven’t felt since I was a teenager pregnant with Damon. Needing release, I trace my fingers slowly down between my breasts, giving them a squeeze and imaging a different hand squeezing them. I reach my hot center, pressing my fingers in my pussy to get them wet. I pull out and start working my clit while my mind goes back to my dream where Edward is between my legs. The more I think of him, the harder and quicker I play with my clit, until I climax so hard I arch off my bed and the noise that comes out of me is like something out of a porno.

I fall back to my bed and let the waves pass through me. “Fuck,” I whisper to myself.

I have no inclination to get out of bed, so instead I reach over to my nightstand and grab a stack of papers and my tablet.

Once I stopped crying and felt acceptance with letting Jake sign off his rights, I took out Heidi’s proposal and started to do research. She wants to expand her publishing house into fanfiction, and give those writers more of a chance to publish their own works. It would require marketing more in different fandoms within fanfiction. I got so involved with the different stories, I wouldn’t have even connected some of them to the original story other than them using the characters’ names.

I dive back in where I left off, which is fanfiction from a vampire story. I don’t realize the time until my cell chimes with a text from Lucian asking me to bring his cleats because he forgot them yesterday.

I smile and text him back Yes.

I hurry, seeing that I only have an hour to get down to the fields. I jump into the shower and throw on a plain shirt, jeans and my black converse. I grab Lucian’s cleats and catch a cab with fifteen minutes to spare.

I walk to the field that I know the boys are playing on and see that Emmett has Damon on the field with the rest of their team warming up. Not wanting to interrupt, I look around, trying to find my oldest so I can give him his cleats. I look up at the bleachers where I see Tanya, Irina, Rose, Alice, and an older couple. The woman has the same auburn hair as Edward and the man has the same sharp jaw. Wow, now I’m comparing complete strangers to Edward. I’m having serious issues with crushing on my boss. Like I need that problem in my life.

I notice Alice waving crazily at me and I wave timidly back. I see the older lady speak to Alice and I watch Alice nod her head. I wonder if those are Edward’s parents.

I walk past the bleachers, still searching out my oldest child, when I see him sitting on a bench with Edward. I can see Lucian is upset. Wondering what they’re talking about, I try to sneak up so I can eavesdrop.

“I don’t want to get to know him. I’m glad he doesn’t want us. My mom cried every night ‘til she got the job with you,” I hear Lucian say to Edward. I can’t help but choke back my sob with my hand over my mouth. I thought I was hiding my sorrow so much better. I thought I hid the fact Jake was a monster better than this. But hearing him say this, I know my resolve is a good choice.

I see Edward rub his neck with one hand and with the other, he brings Lucian closer to him in almost a hug. But he doesn’t respond, so I walk up finally to make my presence known.

“I got your cleats, big guy.” I sit next to Lucian and hand them to him.

“Thanks, Mom.” Lucian hugs me tightly. I look up and see Edward's eyes on us. I can’t help but really look at him. He’s wearing a coach’s shirt which is orange and black with the team’s logo. I can see his muscles outlined through the shirt. I want to touch them so badly. Seriously, what is wrong with me?

I clear my throat, trying to focus on anything else. “How was your sleepover with Mike?” I run my fingers through Lucian’s hair.

I can feel the vibrations of excitement coming from him. “It was so awesome, he has so many cool toys and gadgets. His dad is gone a lot with his job, so he buys him stuff to make up for being gone. That’s what Mike says, anyway.”

I hum in response. I try to be the good mom and stay focused on what he is saying to me, but I can feel Edward’s eyes on me.

“Better get to your seat, Bella, the game is starting,” Edward’s velvet voice breaks my trance.

“Right, yes.” I kiss the top of Lucian’s head and walk back to the stands where the crew is waiting for me.

“Bella, how was a night alone in that big apartment?” Tanya teases me, because I texted her at one in the morning raving about a certain fanfiction I was reading.

I roll my eyes. “It was good.”

“Bella, this is my mom and dad, Esme and Carlisle.” I was right. I shake the very beautiful older woman’s hand and the equally handsome man’s also.

“We have heard so much about you from all the kids.” Esme pulls me into a hug.

“I hope all good,” I laugh, awkwardly pulling away. I’m not used to this kind of affection from strangers.

“Yes, all the kids are all talk about you and your boys,” she gleefully says.

Not knowing what to say, I smile and take my seat, watching Damon rock. However, I can feel that I’m being stared at. I look to Esme and Carlisle, but they’re focused on the game. I try to be subtle when I continue to look around. I finally spot two women. One looks like she could be my mom’s age, if she was still around. She has dark, thick hair and tan skin almost like Damon and Lucian but darker, and the younger woman is definitely her daughter; they have the same eyes and hair. They’re whispering and looking towards me, and then I see them point at Lucian. I can feel the dread creeping into my stomach.

I turn away from them and tap on Tanya’s shoulder. “Is it me, or are those women scoping me and my kids out?”

I wait for her to see what I’m seeing, and then she gasps lowly. “Yes.”

I feel her about to get up. “Don’t say anything, I will not make a scene during the boys’ game,” I hiss at her.

“Fine, but we are confronting them as soon as this is over.” She adjusts herself in her seat.

We watch Damon’s team win and then we watch Lucian kick ass also. When both games are over, I get up and walk to where the boys are standing. By boys, I mean my boys and Edward, Emmett, and Jasper. As I’m walking to them, I see the two women huddled together just a few feet away from Edward and the kids.

My vision washes red, and I walk right up to them. “Who the hell are you?” I can feel eyes on me as I confront these women.

Their eyes are wide in fear, or maybe shock. “I’m sorry,” the older woman replies to me in a shaky voice that isn’t convincing anyone.

“You’re sorry? Please, you’ve been staring at my friend and her kids during both games.” Tanya drapes an arm over my shoulder as she backs me up. Edward comes up on my other side, and I realize my kids are behind us. The other adults are also back there, trying to protect Lucian and Damon.

“I think there has been some confusion.” The older woman’s voice is sturdier this time.

I raise my brow at her. “I’m waiting.”

She looks to her daughter and her daughter shakes her head in fear. “See, my husband warned my daughter here about her fiancĂ©e. Saying that he screwed over his daughter that doesn’t speak with him anymore. He made mistakes that lead to it, of course. Anyway, Leah wanted to see for herself if what he said was true.”

I know deep, deep down. I know who she’s talking about.

“Who is your husband?” I whisper. Automatically, I cling to Edward for support.

“Charlie Swan.”


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