A Family Of Conviction Ch1

Chapter 1

Life for the Cullen household is always busy. I run the center, and Edward is still in his tower office where he merges and invests. We have a house full of kids, three that are teenagers. One of my teenagers is going to make me prematurely gray here in the next few years. Damon is a strong-willed child that acts like he’s already eighteen instead of about to turn sixteen.

I turn over to look at my sexy husband. I love to watch him sleep; he has a small smile on his lips. After all these years, he’s only gotten more handsome. He sports a dusting of gray hair above his ears and laugh lines along his mouth and eyes.

“It's creepy how you watch me sleep.” His voice is thick with sleep as he pops one eye open.

I chuckle. “Sorry, you just looked so peaceful.”

He snorts as he throws the blankets off and reveals his almost naked form. I remind myself we have too much to do today for me to start our morning off in the shower, which would make us late.

Chuckling echoes in the bathroom as I blush because my mind was in the gutter while he was already starting the shower. I must have said some of that out loud.

Despite reciting how much we need to do, I still walk into the bathroom stripping off my pajamas.
His eyes light up and his smirk is fully visible when I step into the shower. “I thought we had too much to do, love.” He cups the curve of my ass.

I smirk, wrapping my arms around his neck. “About that. I think we’re going to be too busy for the rest of the month, so...” I press my lips hard to his, invading his mouth with my tongue.
His answering growl vibrates his chest.

I pull away just a little. “We better get some now.”

“Couldn’t agree more.” He lifts me up, wrapping my legs around his waist as he slides into me in one motion.

I moan loudly as I bite down on his shoulder.

“Fuck, Bella,” he grunts as he continues to push into me over and over.

“Oh god,” I moan. Just feeling him slide in and out causes tightening in my belly as he hits the spot that makes my toes curl.

Moments like this are scarce for us. With seven kids in the house and both of us working, we never have a moment to just be with each other.

“You feel so good,” he moans as he captures my lips.

I moan into his mouth as my orgasm rocks through me. And just a few moments later, Edward’s body tenses and he spills inside me. “I really miss this.”

My legs are wobbly as he puts me down. “Me too, baby.”

He chuckles, kissing the top of my head.

We finish cleaning up quickly and get dressed. I have to rush just a bit since I’ve made us both run behind this morning.

“Shit, shit, shit.” I make my way quickly down the stairs with my heels in my hands, feeling like a shitty mom that forgot to feed the kids.

My husband, of course, is sashaying slowing down the steps, almost skipping with happiness.
I arrive in the kitchen prepared to get the kids fed quickly when I see all my little ones dressed already and eating. Lucian and Mike are tag teaming breakfast. One is helping Lilly, Maddie, and Masen, while the other is tackling Wyatt.

Edward kisses my cheek as he passes me to pick up his coffee. I narrow my eyes at my husband who is fully smiling now. He shrugs his shoulders. “I told the boys they needed to help you more in the mornings. Since you refuse to let me get a housekeeper, or any form of help.”

I clear my throat. “Thank you, boys.” I kiss them each on the cheek before noticing that we’re missing a child. “Where’s Damon?”

Lucian and Mike exchange a weird look before Lucian answers, “He took a morning shift. A friend gave him a ride.”

After all these years, my kids still haven't learned to lie to me. They aren't good at it. Edward beats me to the reprimand. “Where is Damon really at?”

Lucian's shoulders sag. “He wasn't in bed this morning when I went to wake him.”

I close my eyes and pray for patience. That boy is going to make me go bald before the others have a chance.

Edward sighs from across the room. “We’ll deal with him later.”

Struggling with my anger, I walk over to our calendar to see what we have to do today and tomorrow.

“Okay, Sarah and Julie need to be picked up tomorrow. I have a meeting, and so do you, Edward, during the times their flights come in.”

Lucian pipes up, “I don't have to help out Uncle Jasper and Aunt Irina tomorrow, and Sam can’t meet up with me ‘til later in the day. I could pick them up.”

Turning the idea over in my head, I think about the fact that he’s a good driver and very responsible. This would also give them one-on-one time without us hovering.

“I could ride with him so that you won't be as worried.” Mike smirks at me. It must be written on my face.

“Thank you, boys, that would be very helpful,” I answer, ignoring the implications my adopted son made.

Lucian starts gathering his things. “I’ll be at the center this afternoon. This morning Aunt Irina has some things for me to do.”

I smile at my oldest son. His dreams are coming alive right in front of me. Since he was young, he always wanted to be a lawyer and having two of them in our family has made it easier for him to pursue it.

Jasper and Irina always have something for him and let him sit with them during court. If he were to take a bar exam now, he would pass. I’m sure of it.

He starts to head out, but not before I kiss his cheek. “Be safe and I love you.”

His cheeks turn red. “I love you, too, Mom.”

Edwards hollers his goodbyes as Lucian shuts the door, but he manages to say he loves his dad too before it slams shut.

I grab a cup of coffee and take a few sips before I realize the time. “Shoot, I have a meeting in an hour!”

Edward smirks. “Go, love. Mike and I will get the kids to their designated locations.”

I walk over, kissing his lips quickly. “You’re perfect.”

Then I kiss Mike’s cheek, which causes his ears to turn red. “Have a good day, Mike. Love you all,” I call out. I enjoy making my teenagers uncomfortable. I’m still affectionate with them. I don't care how old my kids are, I will always kiss them and tell them how much I love them. I never want them to question it.

Not that Damon appreciates it; he goes out of his way to avoid any affection. I worry about him. We used to talk about everything, and if not me, then Edward. Over the last year, he’s shut us out.

I pull into the parking lot and text my son, hoping that he really just had an early shift and had a friend take him. Not that it’s going to help him get out of trouble. I arrive in my office in time to see Leah setting papers on my desk.

“Good morning. How are things going so far?” I ask her as I sift through all the papers that are piling up on my desk.

Leah and I grew close over the years, even more so when she asked to help out here at the center. Now, she’s my right hand with everything. Though her focus is more toward the daycare, she tends to help me with whatever I need for the day.

“Stephanie is on her way to discuss participating in the work program. Seth has the numbers you were asking for, and I really think you need a more official assistant.” She raises a brow at me.

I huff. “What is with everyone insisting that I need to hire people to help me.”

She laughs. “Maybe because you do the work of twenty people, and you have seven kids.”

I roll my eyes. “I’ll keep that under advisement. Have we heard anything from that one mechanic’s shop, um…” I snap my fingers, trying to remember the name.

“We heard from Bernie's Automotive Services and Your Family Auto. They’ve agreed to meet with you. Also, a few other places have called about the work program.” She grabs a pile of pink slips and hands them to me. “I wrote them all down. This program is a big hit.”

I can't help but smile. “That’s what I was hoping for.”

My thoughts go dark, wondering if all this work is what’s driving Damon away. What if I’m not paying enough attention to my kids? “Am I a bad mom?” I ask out loud.

Leah scoffs. “You’re the best mom those kids could ask for. Why?”

I sink into my chair. “Damon wasn't home this morning. He’s been acting out. And I just wonder if…” I wave my hand around, indicating what I’m thinking.

Leah's face goes soft and she sits across from me. “He’s fifteen with big shoes to fill. Mike and Lucian are big shadows and are pretty much the golden children. I’m sure he’s just trying to find himself.”

I press my lips together. “I just want to be there for him.”

“He’ll come around. Just keep doing what you’re doing.” She pats my hand and stands up. “Okay, let's get this work day going before I decide to go home.”

My head falls back as I laugh. “Yes, let’s.”

Damon POV

I’m beginning to tingle as I continue to pound into her over and over.

“Shit, shit,” I curse as I come.

The brunette screams, which is just annoying as fuck. I wish I’d gagged her.

“Mm, you are so good, Damon,” she purrs as I pull out. I hurry to throw the condom in the trash and start yanking my pants up. I want to get away from her. I can already feel the crazy start to ooze out of her. I don't even remember her name.

“Yeah, I get that a lot,” I say cockily. The truth is, I better be fucking good between all the porn I watch and the amount of pussy I get. I better know what I’m doing.

She bites her lip. “When can we hook up again?” She finally pulls her pants up and puts her shirt back on.

Rubbing the back of my neck, I answer, “This was a one time thing, babe. I don't do repeats.”
I can see it in her eyes as the crazy seems to be turning up. I pick up my bag, trying to get out of here quickly. I have to grab an Uber, considering I’m at some kind of dormitory. I think… I had one too many last night at the frat party. Advantages of looking older than I am.

I manage to dodge the shoe that gets thrown at my head as I run out of her room and out the door. I jog a couple of blocks before calling for a ride.

She was a last-minute hookup. As I was trying to leave the first one I met last night, I stumbled into her and, well... I couldn't pass up her perky tits. They needed my attention.
Smirking as I open my phone, I’m met with texts from Lucian, Mike, Dad and, lastly, Mom. My eyes roll on their own as I read their texts.

I’m not going to keep covering your ass -Lucian

Text if you need a ride to your shift today - Mike

I don’t care where you are, get to my office NOW - Dad

I hope you’re safe. I love you, Damon. But you will be grounded when you get home - Mom
I text Mike saying I need a ride and ignore the rest.

Dad is just going to lecture me on how I’m breaking Mom’s heart with this disappearing act I keep doing. How I need to think about my actions.

My phone dings.


I have to text him the location info that I got from my phone, because honestly, I have to clue where I am. I trail my fingers through my hair as I look around. I know Mom would shit a brick thinking her baby was doing what I’m doing, but I can't help myself. It's so easy to fall into the cracks at home. She’s always busy with my siblings and with work. Dad isn’t as bad; he always seems to know what I’m up to, but I’m still able to sneak out.

Being Damon Cullen is hard. It's hard being a Cullen. Fuck, my dad owns half the city and a good ten percent of the rest of the nation. My mom is the saint running the center that helps so many people. There, Lucian volunteers, and so does Mike and every other family member. Then Lucian is the perfect fucking teen. He’s a virgin, he has a job, and he’s so smart it's sickening.

It's about half an hour before Mike pulls to the curb.

“Thanks,” I grunt buckling in. “I can’t wait ‘til I can just drive myself.”

My brother gives me a sideways glance. “That’s if Mom or Dad let you have a driver’s license.”
I scoff at the idea that they would ever stop me. My mom wants to be a hard ass, but guilt is her Achilles heel.

I don't pay much attention to my surroundings until I see the familiar building. “What the fuck, dude?”

Mike shakes his head. “I don't know what your deal is with wanting to rebel, but Dad asked me to bring you here. That’s what I’m doing.”

I cross my arms and slump in my seat. My veins burn as we park. Dad is out front with his black power suit and black sunglasses looking like a secret service man instead of a corporate man.

“How pissed is he?” I mumble as I unbuckle.

Mike snorts. “Really, man?”

Rolling my eyes, I get my stuff and climb out of the car. “Hey, Dad.”
His glasses slip to the bridge of his nose, showing the disappointment in his eyes. “Damon.”

The tone. I hate that. I’d rather he yell and grab me like most dads do when their son does something wrong. Instead, Edward Cullen, my father, seeps disappointment.

I look away from him, training my eyes anywhere but at him.

I feel his hand on my shoulder but I still don't look at him, knowing exactly how he’s looking at me right now.

“Are you okay?”

I nod, fixing my gaze to a rock on the ground.

“I’ve already told your brothers that we’re going with the story that you had an early shift this morning. I don't have the heart to tell your mother you snuck out last night and stayed at a sorority house.”

My eyes flicker to Dad, unable to believe what I just heard. “Why?”

Dad shakes his head and drops his arms. “She has enough to deal with. So, I am going to deal with you. I’ll be taking your phone, and you will be chaperoned everywhere you go. You will have a bodyguard assigned to you, making sure you’re where you’re supposed to be.”

“No fucking way,” I snap back. Immediately I regret the words as he gives me the look that means he’s deadly serious and if I continue to speak my life will get worse.

“Do this shit again and yeah, that’s what you get to look forward to.”

As I swallow, my throat feels coated in sand. I nod my head.

He pulls me into a hug. “You have no idea how fucking scared I was. You can’t just disappear, Damon. You’re not an adult; you’re my son, my kid.”

All I can do is nod my head. “I won’t do that again.”

He sighs, letting me go. “You can be my secretary today.”

I walk beside him as we go inside the office. “Isn't that why you have Angela?”

He smirks. “Alright, correction: you will be Angela’s assistant today.”

I groan. I just want to go home and sleep. I rub my temple with my free hand, wishing the headache would go away.

“I hope your night was worth it because you won't be having another for a while.” Dad smirks as he enters his office. “Angela, you have a helper today.”

She turns to me, her lips in a tight line and one brow raised. “Is that so?”

I nod, realizing the pussy I got last night really isn't worth this shit.

Clucking her tongue, she says, “Let’s put you to work, then.”


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